murder Statute-barred known way, never, not even in the USA. There is a 80 has been taken in New York-year-old man. He is accused of, to have in the summer of 1973, the two then 19-year-old Teenager Janice Pietropola and Lynn Seethaler in the resort town of Virginia Beach were killed, according to, among other things, the US broadcaster CNN. The two young women were driven according to CNN, from Pittsburgh to Virginia Beach for a vacation trip.

The two bodies of the victims were discovered in a cottage by a staff member. As CBS reported, the lap of the perpetrators of the two women repeatedly in the head and Stra gulierte. One of the women he raped also. As CBS reported, had been murdered in the following twelve years, eight more women and many more reported missing.

the women Were victims of a serial offender?

Despite extensive investigation, the authorities could make no perpetrators and the case was shelved. The cottage has now been demolished. Now Hotels and shops are there. In 2011, the police in Virginia Beach, announced to CBS that Pietropola and Seethaler were victims of a serial killer. Whether they knew the offender, or they were just random victims, could not tell the police.

The case came in the autumn of last year again, because new evidence came to light. Investigators would not say how they got on the trail of the alleged offender. They referred only to “technical progress”. The arrested 80-year-old man is in the police, there is no Unknown. According to reports, he is previously convicted several times for burglary and assault, and sat several times in prison, as reported by CNN. In 2013, he had served most recently a prison sentence.

sources: , CNN, CBS

rw / DPA

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