On the afternoon of the 25. May 1976 is seen Monika fresh wood last alive. The then 12-year-old girl left to walk to her parents ‘ home in the Bavarian town of Flossenbürg, near the Czech border. Investigators will reconstruct their way later, the Floßer road along to the junction with forest Church. Their trace is lost. And that’s exactly where the police are digging up something that is currently a forest in search of the body of 12-Year-old. But first, the officers found a buried car, probably an old VW beetle, as the police confirmed to the star.

in December, the Bavarian police had established the investigation team Froschau, to inform the latter missing person’s case after almost 43 years. The officials believe that the girl was murdered. Also, due to new witness statements had been made on this piece of forest. With the discovery of the cars you have expected”, according to the latest interrogations”. “There could be a connection to the case of fresh wood,” said the police spokesman, without further Details. You still have not found anything in the car, because it was full of earth.

German “Making a Murderer”?

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Finn Rütten police want to find the dead body of Monika fresh wood

possible Suspects would not comment, the spokesman at this point in the investigation. Yet no one had been arrested, he said. “First of all, it comes to find the body of the girl.” What findings have led the police to this forest and why you expect to find the body, did not want to tell the police spokesman, “with a view to the ongoing investigation”.

According to the Bavarian police offers a reward of 10,000 euros for “information leading to the clarification of the fact or the apprehension of the offender”. Witnesses who have not reported yet to the police, can contact by calling 0961/401-291 to the police.