in Front of the Krefeld court center has fired a 43-Year-old suffered life-threatening injuries. The man from Neuss (North Rhine-Westphalia) was doused with a liquid and serious burns suffered, police said.

justice officials had him rushed to the street to help, and would have been able to choke extinguishers the flames with Blankets and a fire, said a court spokesman. A rescue helicopter flew the man to a specialist clinic.

At a court date last Friday at the district court it had evidence of a mental illness of the man. The process was then suspended to allow it to of a psychiatrist on the question of his guilt ability to evaluate, said the spokesman. Was accused the 43-Year-old due to an attack on a police officer, the phone was gone to break. He had been convicted of this by the district court to 1550 Euro fine, and in the appeal before the land court have been withdrawn. On Wednesday the man had no appointment on the court.