It was an All-or-Nothing game for Ursula von der Leyen, With a narrow majority of nine votes, the CDU has been re-elected-politician, the first woman to head the EU Commission. You will now be on 1. November, the successor of Jean-Claude Juncker compete. It was a long and exhausting day for the CDU-politician in the European Parliament in Strasbourg.

The events of Election day in the EU Parliament, to Read:

+++ 20.36 PM: Von der Leyen looks in the tight election result is not a Problem +++

Ursula von der Leyen sees the closeness of the result in their choice for President of the EU Commission as a Problem. “In a democracy, the majority is the majority,” she said after the vote in the European Parliament on Tuesday evening in Strasbourg. It had managed to form a pro-European majority. Two weeks ago, right after her nomination by the heads of state and government, they would have had probably still not a majority. The European Parliament was elected by the Leyen previously, with 383 votes. They got only nine votes more than necessary.

+++ 20.25 Uhr: Von der Leyen: “Migration in the total package to discuss” +++

The topic of Migration regretted by the Leyen in the ARD Interview, that the discussion had recently come to a virtual Standstill. They called for the solidarity of the EU member States with the countries with the most refugees from the Mediterranean sea to record first. At the same time, however, it had to be the “perfidious business of traffickers and smugglers prevented”. In their discussions on the preparation of the election, they’ve gained the impression that you think the topic of always hearing, if the total package will be negotiated – different than if you get lost in questions of detail. Here you see a starting point, to bring movement into the deadlocked theme.

+++ 20.23 clock: Von der Leyen: “Must be the climate more ambitious,” + + +

given The new EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen has the climate theme for their coming term of office, a special priority. In an Interview with the ARD, you said in the evening: “The climate of time, the clock is ticking we’re running out. Since we need to be more ambitious.” What measures they wanted to pursue in concrete terms, said von der Leyen, first, stressed, however, that a strong and social economy, “which is people-oriented”, is important.

+++ 20.18 PM: CDU-Boss upset about SPD-behaviour in case of vote +++

After the vote on the new EU Commission head of Zoff comes in the Grand coalition: CDU-Boss Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer has criticised the behaviour of the coalition partners of the SPD in the elections for the new European Commission boss in the evening sharp. The CDU candidate had been elected in the European Parliament with a “significant majority” of the European social Democrats and socialists, said Kramp-Karrenbauer in Leipzig. “All the more strange and disconcerting is the fact that the first German at the head of the Commission has not received since more than 50 years, the support of the SPD members and Green members of the European Parliament,” said the CDU Chief. “This is something that will certainly result in Germany once more to Ask.” Kramp-Karrenbauer accused the SPD in the European Parliament a “campaign against Ursula von der Leyen” led. All the more pleased she was that a Christian Democrat was elected.

+++ 20.14 clock: Von der Leyen, to efforts to for choice +++

Ursula von der Leyens comment to the last days: “those were definitely the most intense two weeks of my political life.” Tonight she was just glad that she had managed to get a majority in the EU Parliament, said in the ARD.

+++ 19.57 PM: Von der Leyen, thanks to Twitter in all EU-languages +++

+++ 19.51 PM: CDU leader, Kramp-Karrenbauer is proud of her Deputy +++

+++ 19.45: the majority of the German deputies to vote against the German candidate +++

According to preliminary findings of all things, the majority of the German EU voted members against the end of the world. As the Greens, the Left, the SPD members and the AfD agreed to look against them. Consent, the 60-Year – old from the CDU and FDP members received.

+++ 19: 42: The exact result +++

For Ursula von der Leyen agreed with 383 votes, a slim absolute majority. There are nine votes more than the necessary voting number. 327 deputies decided against them; 22 members of the European Parliament abstained from the vote. According to Walter Hallstein, in the year 1958, the first German in the top office of the EU, and the first woman ever at the top of the panel.

+++ 19.39 PM: session interrupted Donald Tusk is +++

the President of the EU Parliament David Sassolo informed, interrupts the meeting to inform the European Council. Meanwhile, a visibly relieved and elated, Ursula von der Leyen congratulations, including from Jörg Meuthen, the members of the AfD and the EU foreign representative, Federica Mogherini.

+++ 19.37 PM: First Statement of von der Leyen +++

Ursula von der Leyen: I’m overwhelmed with great honour, and thanked them for the confidence of the parliamentarians. Task inspires their respect, a great deal of responsibility. Offer to all parliamentarians to work together for a United and strong Europe.

+++ 19.32 watch: Ursula von der Leyen, to the EU Commission President-elected +++

Ursula von der Leyen was elected by 383 votes to the EU-President of the Commission. She is the first woman in the highest office of the EU. President of the EU Parliament David Sassolo handed over to you the document that your choice is confirmed.

+++ 19.30: bell calls members of Parliament in the chamber of the not yet officially +++

The various media common result is that Ursula was chosen by the Leyen, is not yet officially. The parliamentarians back-flow to the Sound of the bell. The result will be announced shortly.

+++ 19.24 clock: According to the Agency DPA: Ursula von der Leyen Majority has t won +++

Ursula von der Leyen has been confirmed according to information from the German press Agency, the President of the European Commission. The CDU-politician, scored the evening in the European Parliament in Strasbourg, the necessary absolute majority, such as the DPA from know want.

+++ 19.15 PM: Waiting for the result of +++ Fullscreen

inter-fractional conversation: a social Democrat, Catherine Barley, and Manfred Weber (EPP) during the counting of the votes in the chamber.

©Marijan Murat DPA +++ 19.12 PM: Nico Semsrott: “The Show was” +++

The comedian Nico Semsrott, the Parliament sits for The party in the EU, has chosen “very good”, because he has chosen Ursula von der Leyen, as he says. The speech by the CDU politician praised but even he. This was a good Show, and if he would not come from the show business, he would have been well impressed. But, for him, is clear: “The Show was.”

+++ 18.52 PM: voting is closed – and the counting is running +++

the President of Parliament David Sassoli has declared the vote closed. Now the counting …

+++ 18.49 clock is running: Social Democrats have their statement in support of the Leyens +++

+++ 18.38 watch: right-wing conservative find no uniform attitude +++

The right-wing conservative group of the ECR has not been able to agree on a common position towards the candidacy of Ursula von der Leyen as EU Commission boss and the vote is released. This is a group of the spokesman of the German press Agency announced at the start of the election. The ECR candidate for the European elections, the Czech Jan Zahradil, was very critical of von der Leyen. These have made significant concessions to left-wing groups, in order to get their vote. Among other things, they have promised unrealistic climate targets. To the wishes of the centre-Right, you had not addressed, however. The group, among other things, the Polish government party, the PiS is at home, has 62 seats. Originally, the group leadership approval had indicated.

+++ 18.33 PM: Green MP makes your voice immediately to the public +++

The British Green Alexandra Phillips has made their vote via Twitter is already public. She agreed, according to the announcement of their group and against von der Leyen. Other members make their Voting public.

+++ 18.23 PM: the ballot papers for the EU-parliamentarians from +++ Fullscreen

looks like the ballot papers for the EU-parliamentarians: Ursula von der Leyen – plus or minus.

©Michael Kappeler, DPA,

this ballot filled out to make the EU parliamentarians currently in the polls. In the chamber in Strasbourg have gbildet long queues.

+++ 18.16 watch: Supposedly great approval in the case of social Democrats +++

As rumored, supposedly two-thirds of the social Democrats in the EU to Parliament for von der Leyen votes. This is confirmed, you would come of your choice very close.

+++ 18.13 PM: Von der Leyen does not take part in the session +++

As Ursula von der Leyen is not a member of the European Parliament, will not take part in the session. Whether it was selected or not will be communicated to you by your first, personally, before the election result is announced.

+++ 18.07 PM: President Sassoli opened ballot +++

Now it is getting exciting. President of the Parliament, David Sassoli opened the ballot with the regulations. It is expected that the choice to take gear between 60 and 90 minutes. It is a secret ballot; the votes are to be counted by Hand.

+++ 17.44 PM: majority of social Democrats in the EU Parliament for von der Leyen +++

A majority of the social Democrats in the European Parliament want to vote for Ursula von der Leyen as EU Commission President. The German press Agency learned in Strasbourg from the group. Thus, the choice of the German defense Minister to the new Commission head will always be more likely. Whether it is enough for the majority, depends on how many social Democrats want to support the Germans. The 16 SPD politician in the EU Parliament had already set to refusal.

+++ 17.37 PM: Green will probably stay with a clear no. + + +

With your application’s speech has left, Ursula von der Leyen, also at the Green impression. Dissenting voices were, this is not quite excluded, though the group had leadership again on a clear, closed, no sworn. Compared to the “FAZ” said the German Green Ska Keller, she was “not happy at all, against a woman to agree to this. However, the other woman, the Liberal Margrethe Vestager had been passed over as a top candidate by the heads of government.

+++ 17.27 PM: Also previous Commission chiefs had to fight the majority +++

half An hour before the start of the election process in the EU Parliament, the number of votes that could unite the former Commission heads on. Ursula von der Leyen required 374 votes to be elected. The former President received: 2015 – Jean-Claude Juncker (444); 2009 – Jose Manuel Barroso (382); 2004 – Jose Manuel Barroso (413); in 1999, Romani Prodi (392) – 1994 Jacques Santer (260 in the case of 567 members).

+++ 17.02 PM: majority of the Leyen from +++

features more and more, The liberals in the European Parliament want to vote for Ursula von der Leyen as the new President of the Commission. Group chief Dacian Ciolos said on Twitter, the liberal group Renew Europe will support the CDU-politician. Previously, the five German FDP had declared to the deputies, they wanted to vote for von der Leyen. It was, “hanging section at the top of the EU-to prevent the Commission” and to keep the EU “in turbulent times of impending Brexits” capable of action. Even under the social Democrats is, apparently, discussed the support of the Leyens, although the members of the European Parliament, the SPD had already expressed its opposition to von der Leyen.

block quote class=”twitter-tweet” data-width=”540″>

My Group wants to support Ms Von der Leyen yesterday. We are looking forward to work intensively with her to move Europe forward. There is a lot of work ahead of us. Let’s renew Europe together!

— Dacian Cioloş (@ciolos Dacian) July 16, 2019

+++ 16.07 PM: Apparently high level of support for von der Leyen liberal +++

In the case of the liberals in the European Parliament has according to group circles of great approval for Ursula von der Leyen as the President of the EU Commission signed off. The 108 members of the group Renew Europe came after the candidate’s speech of the candidate to counselling together. Officially, the vote against 17.30 o’clock, should be promulgated.

The five FDP deputies, belonging to RE, set already to the public: “We will not support Ursula von der Leyen, although we share all the projects,” said the Deputy Nicola Beer, Svenja Hahn, Andrew luck, Moritz grain, and Jan-Christoph Oetjen on Tuesday afternoon together.

+++ 15.43 PM: voltage in Strasbourg on the rise – of the Leyen enough votes? +++

With her speech, Ursula von der Leyen in the EU Parliament and, to an extent. Even some of the Green praise came for its appearance. Good speech, is undisputed,” wrote about Ex-party leader Reinhard Bütikofer, the Greens there is “freedom of expression”. “Nice speech,” commented also the group leader Ska Keller. Concrete Commitments were missing. The MEP Sven Giegold complained, von der Leyen was not the content of “good enough” and didn’t say anything to the extinction of species. The Greens in the EU Parliament had not been announced prior to the debate, to support the end of the world. It is questionable, however, whether you closed the pull. If Yes, lack of a German candidate ever 75 of 747 votes.


resignation of the government office

Ursula von der Leyen puts everything on a card

By Stefan Schmitz +++ 14.15 PM: Merkel wants of the Leyens successor “very soon” call +++

German Chancellor Angela Merkel wants to quickly decide the successor of the Leyens as Minister of defence. “It will be a very quick replacement,” Merkel said in Berlin at a joint press conference with the Prime Minister of the Republic of Moldova, Maia Sandu. “The Federal Ministry of defence, the Minister of defence or the Minister, are the owner of the command and command violence. You can’t leave open for long. In this respect, it will not take long and you will know.”

+++ 14.06 PM: “The most Precious thing we have”: Ten quotes by the Leyens speech +++

While the members in your party families, you can advise here, once again, a set of ten key quotes from the Leyens candidate’s speech read:

“exactly 40 years Ago, the first President of the European Parliament, was elected Simone Veil. (…) And 40 years later I can say with great Pride: Finally, a woman candidate for the presidency of the European Commission.””The founding fathers and mothers of Europe’s wars, from the rubble and ashes of world, a huge work built. Peace.””The Generation of my children and cannot imagine a life without this sense of home in Europe. As this lucky Generation has been born, thought we, Older that it would go on forever. Today is also the Last clear, that we have to fight again and have to get up for our Europe.””The Commission will always be an independent guardian of the treaties. Lady justice is blind – you will defend the rule of law, wherever it is attacked.””On the lake there is a duty to save lives, and in our contracts and agreements the legal and moral obligation to respect the Dignity of every life. The European Union can defend and has to these values. The European Union is in need of humane borders. We need to save, but save is not enough.””I believe that Europe should have a stronger and more United voice in the world.””Since 1958, there were 183 commissioners. Only 35 were women. Less than 20 percent. We represent half of the population. We want our fair share.””For the first Time in 2016, has decided to a member state to leave the European Union. This is a serious decision. We are sorry, but we respect you. (…) In any case, the UK will remain our ally, our Partner and our friend.””People want to see that we deliver, and progress. The youth calls the. My kids don’t tell me: Playing for time, but makes the best of it.””It is the most Precious thing we have: It is Europe, vive l’europe, long live Europe.”+++ live 13.05 PM: session is up to 15 PM +++

interrupted by the Leyens final words, the meeting of the European Parliament is interrupted. The party families can now begin their deliberations. 15 at the members want to come together again in plenary. At 18 o’clock will be held the secret ballot.

+++ 13 p.m.: debate ends with call of the Leyens +++

At the conclusion of the debate in the European Parliament occurs Ursula von der Leyen, once again, in front of the microphone. In front of the now fairly empty rows of seats the candidate is grateful for the “lively debate” that was “constructive and rich in contrast”. Of the Leyen, the remaining members indicates a document with political guidelines, and sent to the offices of the parliamentarians. It bears the Heading: “A Union that wants to achieve more – My Agenda for Europe”, and lists around two dozen pages, of your planned work priorities.

At the end of your Statements, the CDU-politician promises that they deal in the event of your choice more with the European Parliament and the partnership would like to work together. “I’m their natural ally, if I may say so.” In reference to the Greek statesman Pericles, she says: “The secret of happiness is freedom. The secret of freedom is courage.” And appealed to the MPs: “together, Let us be brave.”

+++ 12.44 PM: Timmermanns pays tribute to von der Leyen, respect +++

for the First time in weeks, the social democratic top candidate, Frans Timmermans has spoken. On Twitter he praised Ursula von der Leyen, for your speech, especially that you have to set priorities in terms of climate, the minimum wage and the rule of law, which had emphasized it in his campaign.

+++ 12.30 PM: CDU General Secretary campaigned, apparently, personally in Poland’s party leader Kaczynski to vote for von der Leyen +++

CDU General Secretary Paul Ziemiak met on Sunday, apparently in Warsaw Jaroslwaw Kaczynski, the party leader of the national-conservative PiS party. He should have campaigned to vote for Ursula von der Leyen, writes the “world” and citing familiar with the matter people, could have confirmed the facts of the case, the Polish daily newspaper “Gazeta Wyborcza”. Of the CDU Ziemiaks visit in Poland is neither confirmed nor denied.

+++ 12.20 PM: As it is in Strasbourg now, more +++

The debate in the EU Parliament to take. More than 70 members on the speakers list of about 20 speakers to be added. Everyone has one Minute of speaking time, marriage of Ursula von der Leyen, again there were still five minutes for a response Thereafter, the discussions in the party families.

+++ 11.45 PM: Von der Leyen is convinced – but not all +++

While the debate in the European Parliament with short speeches by the honourable members continues, here is a short interim balance of the Morning:

A climate-neutral, social, United Europe: Ursula von der Leyen, has advertised with a dedicated speech to the presidency of the European Commission. They urged unity and cohesion. Only then Europe can assert itself in the world. Von der Leyen, her promise for a climate-neutral Europe by 2050 and a reduction in greenhouse gases of up to 55 per cent by 2030 and emphasized confirmed, she will work for the full equality of men and women.

Large Internet companies should be taxed according to your will stronger in Europe. Von der Leyen full use of the Commission for the rule of law, also said – with all instruments and with a new rule of law mechanism. They did not rule out a further shift of the Brexits, if there were good reasons for that. The CDU politician ended her speech with: “Europe, vive l’europe, long live Europe live” and received much applause.

The head of the Faction of European people’s party, Manfred Weber, assured von der Leyen, after the speech, the full support of his group – the candidate heard his party and family. The liberal group also indicated support. The social-democratic group, head of Iratxe Garcia Perez announced, however, your group will set in the afternoon. Of the Green a no came up again.

+++ 10.50 PM: Green MEP calls of the Leyens speech “not good enough” +++

in the view of the EU-members of the Greens, Sven Giegold, has not been able to convince von der Leyen with your application. The speech had been good, says Giegold, but adds: “The content was not good enough.” The CDU politician was not made to die in her speech on the species. He also call for a new European agricultural policy of the candidate for the EU top posts.

+++ 10.29 PM: end Of the world is fighting against Farage-attack +++

Von der Leyen occurs again to the microphone and addressed directly to the British people, Nigel Farage. The chief of Brexit-party had referred previously in this chamber as a “fanatic” and claimed that she wanted to create a “centralised, undemocratic and updated Form of communism”. “For us, it means a lot to our British friends, but to Talk like her, we can dispense with God knows,” replies von der Leyen. Then, you respond to other previous contributions.

+++ 10.20 PM: Meuthen throws of the Leyen “sozialisi tables pandering performance” + + +

By the right-wing populists in Parliament and sharp criticism of the Leyen. Jörg Meuthen, Deputy chief of the group identity and democracy, explains: “We are, after a careful examination of the opinion, that they are not for this office.” The AfD Chairman substantiated this allegation with the work of the CDU-politician as a family and Minister of defence. “In any of your Offices, you are the requirements, to strengthen the Welfare of the German people, and justified,” says Meuthen. He accuses von der Leyen “sozialisi tables pandering performance”, because you’ve told in your application for the Commission’s presidency, each political group, what want to listen to have.

Meuthen speaks directly adjacent to von der Leyen, and sees you again and again. The Impugned smiles during his speech and as was the case with the other speakers, intensive notes.

satirist Nico Semsrott

spat to EU chief items: The party says “no” to the post close haggling in Brussels

+++ 10.18 PM: satirist Semsrott T-Shirt bared with advertising messages +++

The German member of Parliament and satirist Nico Semsrott interrupts the debate and puts a request to Review conflicts of interest of the candidate. The cabaret of the German party The party takes off for its short action, black hooded jacket, and an exposed advertising messages zugeklebtes T-Shirt with inscriptions such as KPMG and PESCO. Is meant, apparently, as a nod to the employment of expensive consultants in the Leyens Ministry of defence and the European cooperation in defense. President of the Parliament, David Sassoli, on the motion, and the debate will continue.

+++ 10.14 am: More group leaders the answers of the Leyen +++

After EPP chief Manfred Weber, the Parliament, the chairmen of the other political groups in Europe. The social Democrat, Iratxe García Pérez, from Spain, calls for guarantees that Europe will, in the future, social. “We do not want an institutional crisis,” says García Pérez. “But we want guarantees that Europe can take in the coming years, the necessary measures.” A greater use of against poverty, and a Fund for socially responsible design of the fight against climate change, am. The decision on a choice of the Leyens will meet your group in the afternoon.

The liberal signal, however, support for von der Leyen. His group was willing to choose you, if you could promise a renewal of Europe, says group chief Dacian Ciolos. He hope you’ll be chosen.

In the +++ 9.45 am: debate begins with a speech by weaver +++

Now the debate the MP goes. As the first EPP chief Manfred Weber steps up to the lectern. The CSU politician was the top candidate of the European Conservatives for the office of President of the EU Commission, could not prevail in the case of the EU heads of state and government but. “We want to support von der Leyen and closed to choose,” says Weber. His group had supported the election of the Italian social Democrats, David-Maria Sassoli the speaker of Parliament. Now, he expect that others also support von der Leyen. “Just I say today that we must be able to leave each other, only in this way can Europe succeed.”

+++ 9.42 PM: a Strong round of applause at the end of the speech +++

With the words: “It is Europe, vive l’europe, long live Europe live,” concludes von der Leyen, their candidate’s speech. From the floor, she then receives a strong round of applause. Also from the ranks of the Greens, who do not want to choose the CDU-politician, you will hear applause. The majority of the members of the speech seems to be Leyens to be well received.

+++ 9.35 PM: jeers as von der Leyen of Brexit-postponement of talks +++

on The topic of Brexit explains von der Leyen: “I am willing to postpone the termination date or, if it should be necessary for good reasons”. The opponents of the EU in plenary, acknowledging her statement with Boos. The decision of the British exit from the EU in 2016, the CDU-politician said: “This is a serious decision. We are sorry, but we respect you.”


resignation of the government office

Ursula von der Leyen puts everything on a card

By Stefan Schmitz +++ 9.30 am: the end Of the world is reported by their inclusion of a refugee +++

The issue of refugee policy of the Leyen personally: “Four years ago I was lucky to have a 19-Year-old refugee from Syria in my family,” she says. At the time, the young man had not spoken a word of German. Meanwhile, “he speaks fluent German, fluent English and of course Arabic”. During the day, the refugee is involved in the community and at night, he go to school. And one day he wanted to return to his home.

+++ 9.16 PM: Von der Leyen wants fair taxation of Tech-giant +++

Major Internet companies, according to the will of the Leyens will in Europe is more heavily taxed. “It is not acceptable that you make profits and not pay taxes,” she said. “If you want to benefit, you must also bear the costs.”

+++ 9.10 PM: Von der Leyen candidate’s speech in the European Parliament +++

begins With a plea for a United Europe, Ursula von der Leyen will begin your job application speech in the European Parliament. The CDU politician speaks first in French, then in German and finally in English to the members and is passionate and committed. “It is not the people serve the economy, but the economy is there to serve our people”, calls out von der Leyen to the members. A statement that is likely to favor particularly the for von der Leyen as the major group of the social Democrats.

+++ 8.44 PM: Weber warns of “crisis of development” +++

EPP chief Manfred Weber has been campaigning for the social Democrats pleaded for the candidature of Ursula von der Leyen, for the office of EU Commission President. “We do not need Opposition, we now need the will to design,” said Weber in the ZDF-“morning magazine” with a view to the social Democrats. He called on the critics of the Leyens, your in the morning to listen. You’ll also set clear messages to the rule of law issues in Poland and Hungary, on the table. “We need to have in the evening stability for Europe,” stressed Weber.

Weber warned: “We need a democratisation of Europe”. The next five years would bring a riser for more democracy in Europe. The top candidate procedure had to be regulated until the next European elections in a legally binding way. Today, it is but a question of “to prevent further crisis development”. It is the ability to act, and stability.

+++ 7.34 PM: Barley remains at the no. of the Leyen +++

The former Federal Minister of justice Katarina Barley has spoken before the vote in the European Parliament against the appointment of Ursula von der Leyens to the new President of the EU Commission. It is not that the European heads of state and government of the Parliament “before the full facts,” ended, said the SPD-politician in the ZDF-“morning magazine”. “We are opposed to this”. At the time of the vote it is “not only to the personnel of the Leyen”. Rather, it would be made with the decision, “a course for the future”.


“The Boss”: A detailed portrait of Ursula von der Leyen, here you can find answers to questions about your candidacy and your choice, here is a comment from the Leyens resignation as defence Minister, you can find here

sources: the EU Parliament, DPA, AFP

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