The scandal-rapper Schwesta Ewa is been legally sentenced to two and a half years in prison and may have to again be put behind bars. The Federal court of justice (BGH) rejected on Thursday all inserted against revisions. Thus, a judgment of the Frankfurt regional court, from the year 2017. The singer had admitted, several young women that worked for them as a prostitute, to have a number of “Ausrastern” kicked and beaten. One of the women you have added in a fit of rage with a high-heeled Shoe with a bleeding wound on the ear. In the process, we went to several “Prostitution”, the Schwesta Ewa had taken with the young fans out of their Clique. The business model looked like, the rapper, had worked previously as a prostitute, everything is organized. Buy the women went. The revenues were divided, however, on the tax office over.

Schwesta Ewa also the pimping guilty?

The district court Schwesta Ewa, the citizens of a different way Ewa Malanda had been sentenced, therefore, in 2017, partly due to a 35-fold assault, and tax evasion, the prison sentence. The Prosecutor’s office and one of the women had want to achieve with your revisions, that the rapper is convicted of pimping and human trafficking.

you got served-conscious young women, the debts in your had and no other way they saw to pay this, said the lawyer of the plaintiff. The women had also had requirements as to how much you had to earn the day. However, all four women had testified that they had chosen voluntarily to engage in Prostitution. The Supreme court held the acquittal in these points, therefore, for an error of law. The eight months on remand be counted towards the sentence. Be done normally, only two-thirds of the time. Under special circumstances, they can even be cut by up to half. According to this calculation, Malanda would spend at least another six to twelve months behind bars. Only a few weeks ago, the native Polish mother was a little girl.

fk / DPA