The animal protection organization Peta a call to the mayor of Cologne: carnival parades, without the horses. Supported the organization of 35 Celebrities – including Hella von sinnen, Kaya Yanar and Mario Barth. Is addressed the letter to the city of Cologne, non-party mayor of Henriette Reker.

On its Website, the animal protection organization claims that carnival parades for horses are a pain. You are exposed to the loud music and mass of people to a enormous Stress. The horses prepare for the carnival parades, were tested with different methods before the Event. “You are sonicated with loud music or loud noises frightened. Also sharp teeth are used to the horses by pain in the bridle,” said Peta in the open letter.

The complete letter can be read here.

carnival: Always accidents with horses

The discussion on a horse is prohibited in carnival parades, it is only since this year. In recent years, accidents caused by animals, for discussions and the claims of the animal rights activists – including the organization Peta. In the case of a carnival parade in February of 2018 in Cologne, there was an incident. Two horses are then walked with a Carriage and against a tribune car. In spite of stricter conditions for the preparation of the animals it came from 2018 to the accident. Four people were injured. The police suspect that the throwing of a bottle could have treated the animals in a panic. The “Rheinische Post reported:” in the past year.

letter to the mayor of Cologne

The animal rights activists have not given up the fight against the carnival parades with horses. In her letter to Cologne’s mayor Henriette Reker and many celebrities lend again to their demands. The following extract of the letter is to be read on the Website of Peta: “the Great masses of people, under the influence of alcohol, partly – omitted to celebrate, flying objects, loud music, narrow streets and, not least, anarchists, who want to willfully cause damage: to tolerate The use of horses in the melee, is highly negligent.”

The list of prominent supporters is long.

The animal protection organization Peta counts the following list of Celebrities to their supporters:

Bastian Biel dorfer
Charlotte is Worthy of
Chris Tall
Christian Schulte-Loh
Cornelia Scheel
Enie van de Meiklokjes
Faisal Kawusi
Giovanni Zarrella
Helene Bock Horst
Hella von sinnen
Horst Lichter
Hugo Egon Balder
Ingo Appelt
Jana Ina Zarrella
Janine Kunze
Jochen Bendel
Joey Heindle
Joyce Ilg
Kaya Yanar
Lisa Feller
Mario Barth
Markus Krebs
Max yaw man
Maxi Gstettenbauer
Michael Kessler
Michael Mittermeier
Mike Krüger
Nicole hunter
Pierre M. Krause
Ralph Morgenstern
Simon Gosejohann
Simon Pearce
Stefan Mross
Torsten Sträter
Wigald Boning

sources: “PETA Deutschland e. V.” / “Rheinische Post”