new year’s eve, approximately at 03:30: While many people in Australia welcome loudly the new year, in the state of Queensland, terrible scenes.

How to Australian media reports, has emerged a 26-year-old man suddenly with a loaded harpoon gun on Alec Cameron Drive, in the Village of Hope Vale. This had begun with another Person in a dispute and a 30-Year-old from Cape town had gone in between. A little later, turned out.

Suddenly a shot

As the Gunmen apparently did not want to calm down, have tried the volunteer mediator to take the harpoon. dissolves A shot broke up, probably accidentally. In consequence, the spear was shot to the ground first, and there, bounced off and then hit the right temple of the arbitrator. The bullet went through the head and through the back of the head again.

The injured, then in the Cooktown hospital and, later, for further treatment to about 330 kilometres away, in Cairns, flew been was brought.

according to The figures, the carrier of the harpoon by the police was arrested. It is accused of being in Public armed, and to have the Plan, which is to spread fear. Expected to be on 9. In January, he will have to answer before the court.

source: The Daily Telegraph


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