In the case of its use on the Mars has dug out of the was developed in Germany, Mars mole. The robot HP3 was hammered 30 cm in depth, writes the head of the HP3 experiment, Tilman Spohn from the German center for air and space travel (DLR), in a Blog.

the robot had encountered an obstacle, and wrote Spohn on Tuesday (local time) in Pasadena California. Now, researchers have prescribed to the robot about a two-week break. In this time, the Team will develop strategies to overcome the obstacle. First, Spiegel online had reported about the interruption.

HP3 (“Heat Flow and Physical Properties Package”) was landed in November, with the Nasa Mission ‘InSight’ to Mars. The land region is substantially planar and free of larger stones. HP3 is to dig three to five feet deep, and the heat flow from the Martian interior measure. To provide information about how the Interior of the planet has developed and whether he still has a liquid core.

In the case of the use had hammered HP3 a week ago within five minutes to 18 centimeters deep in the Martian soil. He was evidently an obstacle, because the vertical axis was shifted by about 15 degrees, said Spohn.

a total of around 650 million Euro “InSight”Mission is set to last for two years and is more revealing about the structure of the planet and the dynamics of its surface. The developed at DLR, HP3 looks like a large nail that has a built-in Hammer.