Because you should have given more preemies illicit drugs, is a former children’s nurse since Thursday in Marburg for attempted murder in court. The indictment accuses the 29-Year-old, to have between December 2015 and February 2016, as a former employee of the Marburg University hospital, three children not prescribed a sedative and an anesthetic administered. As a result, the babies are caught in a life-threatening condition. Two premature babies survived, the third died. The death of this child should have to do a report, but nothing to do with the alleged actions, such as the “Hessenschau” writes. According to the report, the defendant contacted the parents of the deceased infant, and the funeral have visited.

What could the sick-powered sister-in-debt case?


a teenager is the head of the dove several times in the mouth – the animal shows hardly any signs of life


The possible motive of the young sister in the event of an actual fault is still completely in the dark, to son-in-law at the beginning of the process, the 29-Year-old, in the investigation procedure, they had denied the allegations. Charges accused the woman because of dangerous bodily harm and abuse of protection. The Uni-clinic a switched to a spokeswoman, after the first suspected case immediately to the police.

The land court plans to open around 70 days of trial to February 2020.

source: “Hessenschau”

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