more than seven years against his will in the psychiatric ward, housed Gustl Mollath has good chances of getting a high compensation. At the beginning of Mollath forced civil process against the state of Bavaria, the Munich regional court I on Wednesday damage claims “plausible”. How to process kick-off was known, had proposed to the court in advance in a comparison of over 600,000 euros – this is the Land of Bavaria but refused.

in 2013, after 90 months of Confinement, escaped, meanwhile, 62-year-old Mollath calls in the procedure by the free state of Bavaria 1.8 million Euro, plus a compensation for possible health late its housing consequences. Bayern had paid him 70,000 euros, and there is no further claims.

in The case of justice victims of Gustl Mollath

The case Mollath’s made for years for attention, he was regarded as Germany’s best-known psychiatric patient. Mollath had been forced, in 2006, after a trial before the regional court of Nürnberg-Fürth against his former wife because of alleged delusions to be rejected. He came only after it became known that the justification for the delusions of perceived allegations of illegal black money transactions of his wife for a large Bank in a core applicable.

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“A victim, but no Hero”

The presiding judge in the civil case said that the verdict in 2006, was effected by a “variety of procedural errors”. Mollath had already inserted at the time of Revision, it would have reversed the judgment. Mollath had not, however, brought about his public defender, only one complaint, which was sufficient. Mollath justified this on Wednesday, in psychiatry, no options had his rights.

His action was justified Mollath with public liability claims against judges, prosecutors and officials. The court stated, for public liability claims is a perversion of justice had to be proved, what in this case is difficult. However, article five of the European Convention on human rights attack in the case of Mollath. After this compensation to him.

This legal assessment of the court, was not known in advance. The legal representative of the free state said he had to check the evaluation of the court now. However, the legal representative called the original proposal of the court a payment of 600,000 Euro “not really acceptable”. The country was open to reach an amicable settlement.

Mollath’s lawyer holds the payment for too low

Mollath’s lawyer Hilde Brecht brown, the news Agency AFP said that the € 600,000 is too low. Brown announced, now, as the court demanded the Mollath damage in more detail to prove. This makes, among other things, a loss of earnings claim, and his ex-wife had sold during its accommodation, the common house value. It had disappeared in addition, a stock of spare parts to the value of 50,000 euros from the held workshop for classic car restoration.

The process is now conducted without public hearing. Both sides can reply in writing. A date for a decision is still to be determined.

How Mollath said, following him, the years of the housing until today. In psychiatry, he had been, for years, woken up every night in the hour clock. This weighed him today. “I had years that I woke up to the times.” He was unable to since his release, sleep through the night.

Mollath said he had the seat until today, neither a solid career a solid living. He was living with friends who will accept him. Most of the time he will keep it outside of Bavaria.

Ralf Isermann / fs / AFP / DPA