The visit of a Hockey game ended with Jerry W. from Minnesota differently than expected. The 52-Year-old approved during the sports event, a hot Dog and threw his napkin in the trash. Actually not an unusual process, but in W.’s case, investigators had been waiting exactly for this Moment. As the “Minneapolis Star Tribune” reported, made sure the officials of the napkin after the end of the game and examined the DNA.

The evidence found and brought to the man a few weeks later in prison. He is accused of, to have in 1993, a 35-year-old woman in her apartment down and killed razor. The Prosecutor claimed, according to the report, it would be due to the DNA evidence no doubt of W. s fault.

offender profile from the lab

A new DNA analysis of unsolved murder cases to clarify. The method is controversial and banned


the accusations against The at the time of the fact 27-year-old W. reflect a particularly brutal attack on the woman, who worked as a prostitute. The indictment, according to the police the woman in 1993 in her apartment lifeless in the shower found with running water. She had numerous stab wounds, some were added after their death. The officials would only become on the body carefully, because a tenant complained that the water had come from the apartment of the dead.

2015 was the case in Minnesota, new

The investigators should then have more evidence to ensure, among other things, a blanket, a towel, a T-Shirt and a blood stain on the sink. The traces had at that time, all into space.

advances in DNA testing prompted the police in the year 2015, reopen the case. Samples from the crime scene have been sent according to the “Minneapolis Star Tribune” to state authorities for criminal prosecution and private companies.

a website for genealogical research resulted in two Suspects. One of them, Jerry W., and the other was a close Relative of him. Both had submitted DNA samples for information about their ancestry on this website.

murder Mystery

After 27 years of discovery: A DNA Test to the case of a nameless, murdered stripper

solve After this discovery, W. of officials has been shadowed in the hope that a DNA sample of the man. At the hot Dog Stand, they were able to strike eventually.

The DNA of W. s napkin agreed with collected tracks from the apartment. The competent Prosecutor Mike Freeman is sure that the method will hold up in court: “If something was thrown in the garbage, said the Supreme court, it was fair game.”

a suspect to argue the fact

During a survey W. is supposed to have all the charges against him denied. His lawyer wanted to make the newspaper a comment. The 52-Year-old is charged with murder, in March, the trial is to start.

websites for genealogical research have been used more frequently in recent times, in order to solve crimes. Last spring the evidence to the arrest of the “Golden State killer”, a serial killer and rapist who could not be caught for decades. Since the beginning of 2018, 50 unsolved crimes in the United States to have been solved, thanks to genealogy websites, explained CeCe Moore, researchers at Parabon NanoLabs. “It is revolutionary (for the prosecution). We can identify serial killers or serial rapists as much faster and prevent you from looking for more victims.”

source: “Minneapolis Star Tribune”