Actually, O. J. Simpson should be on the 17. June 1994 because of an arrest warrant by the authorities. Five days earlier, his Ex had been murdered-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman. But instead, he delivered a wild chase with the police. The US football star was sitting on the back seat, at times, he held a pistol to his temple. His friend and sports-mate Al Cowlings was driving the white Ford Bronco. Helicopter and police cars Simpson followed on the highway in Los Angeles. Around 95 million people saw the Drama live on the screen. The chase finally ended in front of Simpson’s mansion, where the then-46-Year-old revealed.

The white Bronco is now an exhibition piece in the “Alcatraz East Crime Museum” in the U.S. state of Tennessee. In the crime Museum is at 25. Anniversary but not Simpson in the spotlight. The special exhibition “Passion for Life: Nicole Brown Simpson” is reminiscent of the victim who was only 35 years old. “She was a wonderful mother, a normal person, she loved to entertain friends and family in your home,” says Tanya Brown (49) in an Interview with the German press Agency about your sister.

sister talks about Nicole Simpson

Tanya, the youngest of the four Brown sisters, speaks a smattering of English. Today 88-year-old German mother Juditha brought the oldest daughters Denise and Nicole in Frankfurt/Main to the world, before she moved with her American husband, Louis Brown in the ‘ 60s to California. “Of the 25. Anniversary takes all of us,” says Tanya Brown. You miss your sister, who would today be 60 years old, more than ever.

The lost confession

explosive Interview: Has O. J. Simpson confessed to the murder of his Ex-wife Nicole long?

For the exhibition, she wanted a souvenir out of it. The watch, wearing Nicole the night of the murder – her family received from the police is full of blood spatter. Pieces of clothing and jewelry, including an earring, with its counterpart Nicole was buried. But focus photos, and records, which can make affected. “Nicole kept a record of the many incidents of domestic violence, she had lifted photos of your bruises and injuries,” says exhibition Manager Rachael Penman. Several times called Nicole during her marriage to Simpson, the police.

After a physical incident in 1989, there was a complaint against the Football Star and actor (“The naked gun”). The arguing, the accusations are not around, but came to a prison sentence. The court imposed only therapy hours and a small fine.

“O. J. has killed you”

“Even if some do not want to believe that he was the killer, so there is no doubt that he committed domestic violence,” said Tanya Brown. “I can still hear the fear in the voice of my sister in your police emergency number, as you said, that he would beat you up violently.” The recording of the call played in the trial against Simpson in court.


This undated photo combo shows Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman


In the night of the 12th. June 1994, had discovered a stroller with many of the knife wounds killed the victim in pools of blood in front of Nicole’s house in Brentwood. The children of the divorced couple, Justin and Sydney were sleeping unaware in the house. Suspicion quickly fell on the Ex-husband.

“we are Also the completely surreal Bronco ride, pursued on the screen. I sat with my mother on the bed, my father had O. J. on the phone and kept talking to him, not to kill, after all, he had two more children,” recalls Tanya Brown. Helicopter buzzing over the house of the Brown family. A “crazy media frenzy” begins – and lasts for months.

“O. J. killed them, as it is for us, and for many Americans, no doubt at all on this,” says Brown. However, Nicole’s Ex-husband killed his father, also in the eight-month-long courtroom drama, which will be known as the century process in the US justice history. The criminal case against the African-Americans ended with a Surprise. The jury set him free. The legal world was shocked, were the evidence against Simpson in the evidence process is very overwhelming.

O. J. Simpson again

For the families of the victims, it was only a small satisfaction, as Simpson 1997, in a civil case to be found guilty and to pay a million penalty was sentenced. Your family have seen it, “not a Penny,” says Brown. Any payment of Simpsons flowed to the Goldman family, and a Fund for Nicole’s children.


In the exhibition are jewelry pieces from Nicole Brown Simpson to see

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Simpson spent even years in prison, was not with the murder case. For armed robbery and assault of the Ex-Footballer, in 2008, was sentenced in the US state of Nevada to a long imprisonment. With accomplices, he had harassed in a hotel room in Las Vegas two collectors of memorabilia, personal memorabilia release.

After nine years in prison, he is since the fall of 2017, again on free foot. The now 71-year-old Amateur Golfer who lives in Las Vegas, occasionally he is seen with his grown-up children in Florida by photographers. After years in the spotlight, the former sports star, now leads a quiet life. On a request from the German press Agency, he said.

Ex-football star

O. J. Simpson may not have already this year out of jail free


no, you would not have contacted Simpson for the exhibition at “Alcatraz East Crime Museum,” says Manager Rachael Penman. You would not expect him certainly as a visitor. “We want to keep the memory of the victims Wake up, tell your story and learn something.” In the 25 years since the murder have turned everything have to be about O. J., but not for Nicole and Ron explains Penman.


O. J. Simpson at a court hearing in 2013. Since the fall of 2017, he is again on free foot.

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Tanya Brown has long been on a mission to help Victims of domestic violence. “25 years ago we knew so little about it and talked about it. I had no idea what my sister went through in the marriage,” says the 49-Year-old. “Maybe it was Nicole’s fate to be the wife of domestic violence have to face.”

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