He is the main suspect in one of the most sensational Murder trials in the United States: the former football star O. J. Simpson was. 25 years after the crime of his Ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her Famous Ronald Goldman, the former athlete and actor, lives, happy with their new knees and a lot of time for golfing in Las Vegas.

“life is beautiful,” said Simpson, the news Agency Associated Press (AP) in a telephone interview. He was healthy and happy to play games almost every day of Golf and have contact to his children. However, neither he nor wanted his children on the 12. June 1994-talk, as Brown Simpson and Goldman were stabbed to death. “We don’t have to go back and the worst day of our life experience”, quoted by AP, Simpson. He will take up the topic again. He and his family moved to his to let anything Negative more in your life. “We focus on the Positive.”

“trial of the century” ends with the acquittal

relatives of the victims showed AP to be outraged that Simpson is able to live the way he does it, during the lives of their Relatives were shortened so tragic. “I suffocate in my sorrow,” said Goldman’s sister, Kim, the news Agency. “But every milestone my child reaches, each milestone I reach, you know, these are just memories of what I can’t share with my brother and what he’s missing.”

exhibition recalls murder victims

25 years Ago Nicole Simpson died. Your sister is sure: “O. J. has killed you”

Brown Simpson and Goldman were murdered, 25 years ago, with numerous knife wounds in front of Brown Simpson’s house in Brentwood. The children at the time, already divorced Simpson, Justin and Sydney were sleeping unaware in the house. Suspicion quickly fell on O. J. Simpson. The pictures of his chase in a white Ford Bronco with police on may 17. June 1994 went around the world. Around 95 million people saw the Drama live on the screen. The hunt eventually ends up in front of Simpson’s mansion, where the then-46-Year-old revealed.

the subsequent eight-month-long court proceedings, which ended with Simpson’s acquittal, was broadcast live on television and became known as the “trial of the century” in the U.S. judicial history. The murder case officially unsolved. Simpson has since protested his innocence, while the families of the victims are convinced of his guilt. In 1997, they reached, that the Ex-Footballer is spoken in a civil case is guilty and to pay 33.5 million dollars was sentenced. A part of his property was confiscated and auctioned off, but the largest portion of the money Simpson has remained guilty, as reported by AP.

Later, Simpson sat in for armed robbery and kidnapping nine years in prison. With accomplices, he had harassed in a hotel room in Las Vegas two collectors of memorabilia, personal memorabilia of him to admit. Since the fall of 2017, he is again on free foot.

All want Selfies with O. J. Simpson

After years of Simpson performs in the spotlight now, an unremarkable life. The now 71-Year-old had, in the meantime get artificial knee joints, and recently the laser eye surgery leave, reports AP. His parole officer had allowed him to take short trips, to Florida, where his two younger children would have made Justin and Sydney career in the real estate industry. His older daughter, Arnelle live most of the time with him.

The lost confession

explosive Interview: Has O. J. Simpson confessed to the murder of his Ex-wife Nicole long?

After he had come to Nevada from prison, had friends persuaded him to stay in Las Vegas. “The city’s been good to me” – quoted by AP Simpson. “Everyone I meet seems to apologize for what happened here with me.”

Simpson was one of the most in-demand personalities of the city for Selfies, to which he again and again am asked if people in Restaurants or at sporting encountered events in which he’ll take occasionally part. How is he financially is unclear. His wealth has been used up, the former multi-millionaire for attorney’s fees and punitive payments. To the Associated Press, he refused to talk about his finances, and explained that it will only live on pensions.

Too great a Worry, he seems not to have anyway. “O. J. Simpson is the most positive Person you will ever meet,” reported the AP correspondent Linda Deutsch, who has reported all of its processes. “He seems to be a happy man.”