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man 25 years after the murder of a male prostitute convicted of (10.26 p.m.)date of service and pension law in the Bundesrat (8.22 PM)Many Dead in bomb attack in Pakistan (7.00 PM)to mourn the tens of thousands to Rapper for Hussle (4.30)Ex-soldier is said to have confessed to journalist murder (1.23 PM)

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+++ 10.26 PM: man to 25 years for the murder of prostitute +++

sentenced to More than a quarter of a century after the murder of a prostitute in Augsburg, a Free woman has been sentenced to life in prison. The Augsburg regional court said the 50-year-old German on the basis of circumstantial evidence for converted. The man was also condemned for the rape of a well-Known.

The judge followed the judgment on Friday the criminal complaint, the Prosecutor’s office. The two defenders of the man had requested a spell for your clients. The evidence was not sufficient for a conviction, said the lawyers. The prostitutes had worked the beginning of the 90s on the Augsburger street. In one night, in September 1993, she was strangled. The body was located about 15 kilometres from the scene of the crime on the railway line Augsburg-Ulm filed.

+++ 10.21 PM: office of the attorney General complains of alleged war criminals from Sri Lanka +++

The Federal Prosecutor has filed against an alleged war criminal from Sri Lanka charge. As the authority announced on Friday in Karlsruhe, is responsible for the 37-Year-old sri Lankan nationals (Sivatheeban b) before the higher regional court Düsseldorf as a member of a foreign terrorist organization, together with others, for war crimes in 15 cases. In addition, the reasonable suspicion of manslaughter in two cases, and of attempted manslaughter in 11 cases.

The man should have listened to from 2006 to 2009, the rebel group liberation tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), which the Federal government classifies the bar as a terrorist group. The LTTE fought for 26 years for an independent Tamil state in the North of the island. In 2009, the army defeated the insurgents.

+++ 9.55 PM: customs discovered illegal workers on the construction site for the justice center +++

The customs service has encountered on the construction site of the new Munich criminal justice center, a number of black workers. During a RAID, a total of 14 construction workers were using false papers found, according to the main customs office in Munich. The men had been arrested because of the allegations of illegal stay and document fraud. In addition, two employers had been arrested on suspicion of Smuggling of aliens.

It would have been in the RAID last Tuesday, a number of issues, which required further and extensive examination, informed the customs. A total of about 60 emergency workers customs, tax police and the police came, therefore, to use.

+++ 9.01 PM: Altmaier Brexit shift +++

Federal Minister for economic Affairs, Peter Altmaier (CDU) is located in the postponement of the Brexit-date on the 31. October is a Chance for the Federal government and the German economy to a withdrawal of Britain from the EU and the possible consequences to prepare. “By extending pressure is removed from the process,” said Altmaier, the “Passauer Neue Presse” (Friday edition). This means for all the parties Involved more time to adapt to change.

“We have a Chance that the negative consequences of the Brexits can be reduced in the economy. This is good news,” said the Federal Minister for economic Affairs. The preparations for a possible Brexit are good. This will remain the case in the next few months. “Nevertheless, the withdrawal of a large member state would have at the end of negative impact,” said Altmaier. This applies in particular for the trade and the Export of German goods to the United Kingdom.

+++ 8.35 PM: Tesla takes a variant of Model 3 in the Online offer +++

Tesla, the basic version takes of his hope carrier Model 3 as an electric car for the price of $ 35,000 after a short time again from the Online offer. Only a few weeks ago, the E-car maker, this variant available. Interested parties should order in-Store or by phone, said Tesla in a blog entry.

It is the next u-turn by Tesla CEO Elon Musk: he had recently announced electric cars from the company should generally only be ordered online. At the same time, he had made at the time, also the closure of many of the Tesla stores in prospect- but a little later it was said that there would be more stores than initially planned.

+++ 8.22: the Federal Council agrees on quicker doctor’s appointments +++

by Law, sick faster in the future a doctor should get insured appointments. The Federal Council examines this Friday (9.30 am) with a corresponding law, of the millions of citizens will benefit. The Bundestag approved the appointment service and supply act provides, among other things, more hands – hours and referral services.

week-long periods for by law, a controversy topic are Insured wait, also because private patients often get faster appointments. The law provides that the practice physicians will have to offer a minimum of 25 instead of 20 hours a week for the legally Insured. At eye doctors, women doctors and ear, nose and throat Doctors, there must be a minimum of five hours of open office hours, without fixed dates. The telephone mediation appointment service, working in the countries are different, is to be greatly expanded. For the statutory health insurance funds, the plans imply annual expenditures in the billions.

+++ 8.15 PM: Afghanistan: Taliban announce spring offensive: + + +

in spite of ongoing discussions with the US about a solution for peace in Afghanistan, the radical Islamic Taliban have announced their spring offensive. Many Afghans had hoped that the extremists do without in the light of the political rapprochement in this year. “It is our duty to the Jihad is not over,” the Taliban statement.

A key component of the Offensive under the name of “Al-Fath” (the victory), was to bring Afghans to leave the army and the police, it said. The Taliban called on all security forces to protect their lives and to “senseless hostilities, and to refrain from futile resistance” and join them.

+++ 7.55 PM: Hillary Clinton: Assange, I have to answer +++

in London, The imprisoned Wikileaks founder Julian Assange should previous according to the more U.S. presidential candidate Hillary Clinton to answer for his alleged crimes before a court. The unveiling platform was released in the presidential campaign of 2016, E-Mails from the democratic party and the then-candidate Clinton harmed.

“From the indictment that became public,… that the support for Hacking a military computer, with the aim of stealing information from the U.S. government,” Clinton said at an event in New York on Thursday (local time).

“I’m going to wait and see what happens with the charges and how the Whole thing goes on,” she added. “The bottom line is that he needs to answer for what he has done, at least as it provides for the prosecution.”

+++ 7.37 PM: the Dalai Lama released from hospital +++

The Dalai Lama is to be discharged after three days of treatment from the hospital. The spiritual leader of the Tibetans could leave the clinic in the Indian capital of New Delhi in the Morning, his spokesman said. “He’s very well now.” The 83-Year-old was been added on Tuesday due to chest pain in the clinic. A staff member later spoke of a “slight cough”.

On Thursday, his spokesman Tenzin Taklha said, for decades in exile in India live Nobel peace prize laureate was “cured” and to go to the clinic, back to his normal daily routine. According to media reports, he is likely to remain for a few days in New Delhi and then in the North Indian town of Dharamsala to return.

+++ 7.00 PM: at Least 16 Dead in bomb attack in Pakistan +++

In an Explosion in the southwestern Pakistani city of Quetta are at least 16 people were killed. Almost 30 more were injured after a in a fruit market-placed an explosive device was detonated, said police chief Abdul Razzaq Cheema on Friday. The fruit market which is mainly operated by members of the ethnic minority Hasara, who are Shiites, said Cheema. Many of the injured were in life-threatening danger, said the rescue forces, Abdul Hamid Achakzai. He expected, therefore, that the sacrifice increases in number. First, no one confessed to the attack.

The incident is the first attack on the Shiite minority in Pakistan for many months. Shiites have been in the past, targets of attacks by radical Sunni groups in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

+++ 5.37 PM: North Korea has received new rules of Protocol state pberhaupt +++

A month after the state-run parliamentary elections in North Korea, the isolated country has a new Protocol, parliamentary head of state. At its constituent meeting, the Supreme people’s Assembly elected the Deputy of leader Kim Jong-Un in the powerful Commission on state Affairs, Choe Ryong Hae, the Chairman of the Parliament’s Bureau, as the state-run media reported on Friday. Choe replaced the 91-year-old Kim Yong Nam, who was in this Position for long years as a titular head of state and “foreign political face” of the country.

+++ 4.30 PM: tens of thousands take erschossenem Rapper’s farewell +++

friends, Fans and relatives of the murdered rapper for Hussle have taken at a large funeral of the musician farewell. At the Staples Center in Los Angeles were found on Thursday (local time), according to U.S. media reports, more than 20,000 people. Rapper Snoop Dogg paid tribute to his colleagues as a lovable people, of the had made for the reconciliation of rival gangs.

Stevie Wonder played Songs like “Rocket Love” and “Tears in Heaven”. The singer urged against gun violence. There is already enough people had been through weapons killed, said Wonder. It was also read a letter from former US-President Barack Obama, the Hussles of conversion, paid tribute to a peace activist as a role model for young people.

+++ 3.35 PM: Ex-Advisor of Obama accused +++

In the course of investigations of Russia’s special investigator Robert Mueller also allegations against a former adviser of Ex-President Barack Obama has been lodged. The lawyer, Gregory Craig, was indicted on Thursday. He is said to have lied to investigators to its lobbying activities for the previous Ukrainian government.

The partners of the large law firm Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom, who had worked with Obama in the White house, in 2012 by the then Pro-Russian government in Kiev were hired. He should Polish up the Image of the government, which was advised by the trial against Ex-Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko to international criticism.

+++ 2.10 PM: the President of the transitional government in the Sudan, sworn +++

After the dismissal of longtime President Omar al-Bashir his former defense Minister, Awad Ibn On as President of the military transition Council of the Sudan is sworn in. Ibn The Deputy was on Thursday evening, chief of the General staff, Gamal Abdel-Maruf on how the Sudanese state is reported to broadcasting.

The Transitional Council was to remain in the military, two years in office and prepare for elections. But the opposition Alliance’s Declaration of freedom and change, the mass protests against Al-Bashir had organised, rejected the projects of the military. It called for a civilian transition government, and called on the citizens to continue the protests.

+++ 1.23 PM: Ex-soldier confessed to the murders of Slovak journalists +++

An Ex-soldier is said to have confessed to the murder of the Slovak journalists Jan Kuciak and his fiance. The news page “”, for Kuciak worked, reported on Thursday, the man named Miroslav Marcek have confessed to the crime. Marcek and three other suspects were in the last autumn, have been arrested.

The 27-year-old Kuciak and his fiancée Martina Kusnirova had been shot and killed in February of 2018 at home in your village of Velka Maca, 65 kilometres East of Bratislava. The Reporter had researched Connections between the Italian Mafia and Slovak politicians. His unfinished article was published after his death.

+++ 1.05 PM: language classes for migrants: number of graduates drops +++

The decline in the number of successful graduates of the German test for immigrants preparing authorities and policy headaches. As a response to the Federal government on a written question of the AfD’s Deputy René Springer, in the past year, 51.5 percent of the 172.471 migrants that participated for the first time on the English part of the course, the course objective “language level B1”. The previous year it was 48 percent. In the year 2016, accounting for almost 38 percent of the participants had missed the first Time around the target price. It must first be had the “Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung” reported (“NOZ”).

+++ 1.04 PM: Sudan: EU calls for military to civilian government. + + +

The European Union after the overthrow of Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir, a rapid Transfer of government responsibility to civilians is required. The EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini said on Thursday that only a “credible and inclusive political process” could be the expectations of the Sudanese people and to lead the necessary political and economic reforms. The Power should be handed over to a civilian transitional government.

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