A 21-year-old man shot in a Bank branch in the U.S. city of Sebring on Wednesday, five women. The offender was arrested for five counts of murder, accused, informed the police chief of Sebring, Karl Hoglund,.

he faces the death penalty if convicted. On the subject of the 21-Year-olds, there was uncertainty today. “We have no information about what he was going to do,” said Hoglund. He spoke of a “senseless act”.

The armed man went into the Bank, I contacted a customer and an employee, and then opened fire. “He has intentionally and knowingly the lives of five of our sisters, mothers, daughters and colleagues wiped out,” said Hoglund. He had a shot at all in the Bank, people who are.

Just six minutes after his entry, he had informed the police by telephone of the fact reported. The police arrived four minutes later and with the help of a special command to place the offender. For the victims, help came too late.