the “Alert” is the abbreviation for Alarm is translated as””. And alarming news coming from the homonymous settlement in the far North of Canada are, in fact, The northernmost permanently inhabited place in the world is currently experiencing exceptionally high temperatures. On Sunday, as much as never before were measured at the military base temperature of 21 degrees Celsius, such as the canadian weather service announced now.

July average in the Alert at 3.4 degrees

this Alert is located at 82. Latitude in the high Arctic on Ellesmere Island – from the Inuit “roof of the Northern world” and located less than 900 kilometres from the North pole. The average temperature is in July, usually at 3.4 degrees. The now measured 21 “Grad” were an “absolute record,” said meteorologist Armel Castellan. “That’s a pretty incredible statistic. It is one of hundreds of examples of records in the course of global warming.”

The military base was set up to Russian communication intercept. Since 1950, there is a weather station. The previous record of 20 degrees in the Alert was at 8. July 1956 measured. However, since the year 2012 it was on several days between 19 and 20 degrees warm.

New study

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Given the current temperatures, the chief meteorologist at environment Canada, David Phillips, spoke of a true “Arctic heat wave”. “It’s really spectacular,” quoted the canadian broadcaster CBC the scientists. “This is unprecedented.” The now measured values are the recent anomaly in a long, hot summer in the Arctic. A normalization of the situation is not according to the Phillips in sight: “Our models for the Rest of the summer to say: “get Used to it”.

Warm air comes from the Southeast of the USA

the trigger for the unusual weather in Alert is Phillips, according to a huge flow of air that has strayed from the Southeast of the United States to the North. The reason for this could be changes in the Jetstream, a high-altitude strong-wind belt, moving from the West to the East. This air flow has slowed down in recent years, has become unstable, and sometimes much further North or South than normal. “It is almost as if you can see this Extreme more often, because the Jetstream has a different look and a different pattern,” Phillips said of the CBC.

The chief meteorologist gave the transmitter to careful, individual weather anomalies to specific causes. The main driver Phillips called, however, clearly: “In the case of temperatures, the man has never seen before, you can’t dismiss it as something that has nothing to do with climate change.”

sources: CBC, AFP,

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