Many of them civilians, and family members of IS fighters have been able to leave the last Bastion of the jihadists in Syria.

About 2,000 people were brought in trucks from the area, reported the Syrian Observatory for human rights. The majority were fighters, civilians and family members of the IS. But even 150 fighters are said to have been among them.

About 30 trucks in the Kurdish-run Syrian Democratic forces (SDF) left the blockaded District of Baghus in the East of Syria. Also children were sitting surfaces on the load, the faces of exhausted and dusty. The vehicles first drove in the direction of an improvised camp of Kurdish fighters.

The Syrian Democratic forces have surrounded some 500 IS fighters in the town of Baghus on the Euphrates. He is considered the last by the IS controlled the ground in Syria. In neighboring Iraq, Iraq had announced the government already last year, the victory over the terrorist militia. However, there continue to be attacks.

An SDF spokesman said, led by the US Anti-IS coalition, flying more air attacks on the hideouts of the jihadists. Already on Tuesday, about 30 people had can the of the IS-fighters-held territory to leave. The UN high Commissioner for human rights, Michelle Bachelet, had previously expressed her concern that hundreds of civilians would need as a human shield.