At an Antarctica Expedition, researchers have discovered a 200 million-year-old fossilized dinosaur footprint. It was the about hand great track of an animal from the group of the arch osaurier, informed the German Federal Institute for Geosciences and natural resources (BGR) in Hannover.

what Saurierart it is exactly, is unclear. The tracking Fund, the researchers have already made in January 2016 in the Helliwell Hills, in the Northern Victoria land, their findings were recently published in the journal “Polar Research”.

In the southern Victoria land had already been dinosaur bones discovered in the North, however, not even a Tooth, said BGR-expedition leader Andreas runner. “That was something we had not expected at all.” In addition, the researchers found, around 1700 kilometres from the South pole, by far the petrified remains of forests. “This is an indication that the Antarctic was not around 200 million years ago the frozen continent, as we know it today,” said runner.