A Russian woman has suffered in the bathtub, electrocuted. The young woman from the South-East of Moscow, was discovered by her mother. It is the fifth death in Russia is already the case. How the British “Daily Mail” reported, the mother of the young woman against 22.30 o’clock from work, as she called to her daughter, but no answer received. When she saw the light in the bathroom, she opened the door and the young woman looked at lying motionless in the empty bathtub. In one Hand she held her Smartphone in the other the plug.

Tragic swimming accident

16-Year-old with her cell phone in the bathtub and suffers a fatal electric shock

“I thought she was alive, but unconscious”, said the mother. However, the medic can just say the death of a young woman. She died of the consequences of a severe electric shock. The 20-Year-old in Russia is already the fifth death of a victim within one year, was killed by an electric shock, caused by a loading Smartphone.

Always a fatal electric shocks through the use of Smartphones

another young woman from Norilsk was dead in the water. Your mother found you, the Smartphone was next to her in the tub with a charging cable. A week earlier, a 14-Year-old from Cheboksary died when her cell phone fell out of my Hand in the tub. In December 2018, died in a 15-Year-old, because you used your phone in the bathtub while it was plugged in. The youngest victim was only twelve years old. Her mother found it dead in the water-lying – together with the mobile phone.

Also in Germany, there was a few weeks ago, such a case. In Munich, a 16-died-Year-old, as she wanted to listen to in the bath with music on your Smartphone. As the charging cable came in contact with the water, suffered the girl a fatal electric shock. According to the police, the parents were only after some time. Thus, they managed to resuscitate her daughter, who died later in a hospital.

sources: Daily Mail


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