If it is entrusted to someone for a pet, believing in good hands. However, an 18-Year-old from lower Austria was wrong in a well-Known obviously. They had left their ten-month Maltese named Buddy. The 20-Year-old Keeper but sent her on 1. March Videos, to see the was, we he tortured the animal He choked the dog and threw him against a wall and have it pressed in a toilet bowl, according to “oe24.at”. Buddy wore abrasions, contusions and bruising.

Some of the shots ended up at Facebook on the side of the football clubs SK Rapid Wien, where the offender has been detected. The Fans threatened the man, published his name, address and his phone number. The 20-Year-old had been identified by the Rapid Fans immediately, because it moves itself in this football scene. Some wrote, they were already in front of the door of the Tierquälers; a threatening: “You son of a dying son!”

The police had to intervene

The 18-year-old Keeper was gone in the night to the police, and had displayed their well-Known, she asked the officials of three Videos from the cruel Assaults of your dog is available. The Vienna police issued a press release, including Facebook, to warn the furious football fans from the consequences of their threats.

due to recent events regarding the Video in which a dog is being abused: We would like to thank you for all the clues, the perpetrator is known and the dog was saved.

Posted by police in Vienna on Sunday, may 3. March 2019

officers went to the address of the man and took the dog. The man showed up in a first interview in the apartment of a confession, his motives remained unclear, according to “wien.orf.at”. The young woman who had taken care of the dog, but not permanently may keep, turned then to the dogs-Search-help. With Success! Around 100 people had offered, Buddy. Meanwhile, a new owner has been found, the order of Malta on 4. March will pick up. “We have already found an ideal place. On Monday Buddy ‘of its current owner, and I picked up’, and in his new home brought, said the head of the Association of the site “wien.orf.at”.

In the case of Facebook, the Association wrote: “We have opted for a very dear lady who has lost 5 weeks ago her husband and all their love can give to the battered dwarf. He is allowed a day with her to the office and home has a great garden with a swimming pond.” The cruel case ends, at least, with a result that makes you two happy: Buddy and his new wife.

❤ awesome Update Buddy free to play game. We have almost 100(!) Requests for Buddy! Thank you for this! We have a…

Posted by dog-Search-help Austria on Sunday, 3. March 2019

sources: “oe24.at”, “wien.orf.at”, Facebook