Actually, you wanted to save a young life, now she herself is struggling with great pain. The 19-year-old Hannah Pignato from Florida was waiting tables in the Restaurant, “Joe’s Crab Shack”, as she heard the cries for help of a woman. She saw that a cluster of People at the Main Street Pier had gathered and went to see what was happening.

The eight-year-old son of the woman driving on a kids surf Board in the water and farther from the coast. “I saw the desperation in the eyes of the mother,” said the Amateur surfer, later, about this Moment. So she acted. The 19-Year-old put quickly your phone to the side and then jumped, without hesitation, six meters in depth. However, instead of in the water they landed on the sandbar. The heavy impact broke her back and foot.


“He did everything possible to save his life”, – joggers Puma strangled after attack

Though your pain must have been unbearable, she ran into the water and swam further and further. For So long, until she saw that another swimmer had reached the child. The Boy could be saved, Pignato but since then, in the hospital and stands in front of a large Problem. She has no health insurance and can’t pay her back surgery.

The attempt to save a young life, she regrets not a second

your friends have now set up a GoFundMe page for you to 66,000 euros. Because of their injuries Pignato is likely to be at work for a few months. In addition, you live on the third floor and need help as soon as she was released from the hospital.

so Far, has not yet come together even half of the money, Pignato, however, is confident. Your jump, you don’t regret a second of it, she said the US channel WESH 2 News: “I know what it’s like to have no family. I didn’t want the mother must make this experience.”

sources: GoFundMe, WESH 2 News, “Daily Mail”


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