After the violent death of an 18-Year-olds, on the Baltic sea island of Usedom, the police hoping for clues from the population. Witnesses are sought who have seen the young woman last live or on the Day in the vicinity of their apartment in the city centre of Zinnowitz (Mecklenburg-Vorpommern) suspicious persons observed. Each note could be useful, said a spokeswoman for the police. In total, about 60 officers were involved in the investigation, which ran in the night “in full swing”, a police spokesman said on Wednesday night.

A well-Known, had found the young woman on Tuesday evening in their apartment lifeless and the authorities alerted. An emergency doctor noted the death of 18-Year-olds. As the police had on Wednesday informed, the body stab wounds. First of all, from cuts and injuries had been the speech.


lost control: 18-year-old passenger is thrown out of a sports car and dies

DPA autopsy confirmed violent crimes – the island of Usedom, in shock

The Prosecutor’s office in Stralsund see the initial suspicion of a crime of violence after the post-mortem examination of the corpse confirmed. Accordingly, the woman added with a stabbing injury. The exact cause of death, the Prosecutor’s office did not comment and referred to the ongoing investigation. Reportedly, these have focused first on the personal environment of the young woman.

The Zinnowitzer mayor Peter Usemann showed itself to be dismayed by the violence. “One reads of such incidents again and again and thinks that it is far away. Now it is happening in our peaceful 4000-souls-the-spot. I’m shocked. My sympathy is with the relatives of the young woman,” said Usemann. He hoped for a rapid clarification of the fact.

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