On the Morning of the 24. January will remember Dane Gillespie from the North Irish Belfast probably his whole life. Not realizing he checked his account balance and could hardly believe what he saw: 8.988.397,00 pounds, approximately 10.2 million Euro were there on the page. And the Student who wants to blame him – immediately started to plan the coal. A new Porsche was at the top of the list of the teenager.

“buy a Porsche”

“We could hardly believe it,” describes Caroline Gillespie, the mother of the supposed multi-millionaire, the online portal of “Belfast live” in the Moment, as the photo aufploppte with the wrong amount of money on your mobile phone. Her husband had taken a photo of the account statement. While the mother sensed that something fishy is going on, forged your son is already eager plans. He was going to buy now, but with a Porsche, he announced loudly, “Belfast live” to his mother. But the dream of the first sports car to nothing.

8.9 million pounds – turned out to be, but only on paper

Because the Transfer already a few hours later as a mistake of the Bank Nationwide, the largest building society in the UK. There, Gillespie had cashed a check his grandmother in the amount of 8900 pounds. A Bank employee attached, apparently, three additional zeros and made the young man for a few hours to a millionaire. However, only on paper. “The amount has been displayed on the customer’s account, the cheques are not cleared immediately,” said a spokesman for the Bank. The million sum have been never on his account.

Suddenly a Multi-millionaire

Perhaps it will not comfort the Gillespie, but the young man is not the first multi-millionaire, you can look forward to only a short about the unexpected money rain. In Itzehoe, an online Bank in 2012, has transferred one of their customers instead of 20,000 Euro to 200 million Euro. Cause at the time: a software glitch. Because he grew with 6.2 million euros abroad, had to answer a man in new Zealand before the court. He also benefited, even if only briefly, of a transfer error of his Bank.