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176 people lost their lives in an attack on a plane, Iran said – it was a mistake!

A Boeing plane crashed in Iran on Wednesday, hours after Iran launched a missile attack on US bases in Iraq. Now Iran has admitted its mistake regarding the crash. All 176 people aboard the plane were killed. Iran says that he killed his own plane due to human error. Earlier Iran said that the accident occurred due to a malfunction in the aircraft.

Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani tweeted on Saturday, saying – ‘Internal investigation by the security forces has revealed that missile was fired due to human error which caused Ukraine’s plane crash and 176 innocent people died. Investigators are taking further action in this case.

The Iranian president also said that those responsible for the unforgivable mistake will be prosecuted. Iran regrets the terrible mistake. They pray for the mourning family.
This aircraft flew from Tehran to Kyiv. The aircraft was dropped only minutes after takeoff. According to Reuters, Iran’s military has issued a statement to State TV that it targeted the aircraft due to human error.

The military says that the aircraft was flying near Iran’s sensitive military site. It has also been said in the statement that the Judicial Department of the Military will investigate the matter and the accountability of the incident will be decided. The Iranian military has mourned the families of the deceased.

According to the BBC report, aviation safety analyst Todd Curtis said – ‘The plane was severely broken into pieces. This means that there was a fierce collision of the aircraft either in the air or on the ground.

The Boeing aircraft of Ukraine International Airlines had 176 people on board. All the people died. Most of the passengers in the plane (82) were from Iran.
There were 63 Canadians with 82 people from Iran, 11 from Ukraine, 10 from Sweden, 4 from Afghanistan, 3 from Germany and 3 from the UK.

It was believed that Iran is worried about its security after an attack on American bases. He is afraid of being attacked by the US. Because of this fear, he made a mistake and, considering the enemy plane, targeted the passenger plane.

Let us know that the incident of dropping your own aircraft has already happened. Pakistani fighter aircraft entered India on 27 February 2019 after a strike from India in Balakot. While retaliating, the Indian Air Force accidentally fired a missile on one of its own helicopters. Several Indian Air Force officers were killed in a helicopter crash.

According to Flight Radar 24, on Wednesday, Ukraine International Airlines flight took off from Tehran, the capital of Iran, to Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, at 6.12 am. The plane crashed shortly after this.

Initially, Iran and Ukraine officially rejected the possibility of an attack behind the crash. The plane which was the victim of the accident was less than 4 years old and its security check was also done 2 days ago.

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