A 17-Year-old is under arrest on suspicion, a six-year-old boy from an observation deck on the tenth floor of the Tate Modern in London have thrown. The youth was detained by visitors of the platform, and shortly afterwards arrested as Scotland Yard announced on Sunday. He is accused of attempted murder. The victim turned to the police, according to on a roof in the fifth floor of the Museum and was treated on the spot. A rescue helicopter took the child to a hospital. Doctors fought in on Monday night for his life. Early Monday morning, the police reported via Twitter, the child’s condition was “critical but stable”.

According to police, there is no indication that the 17-Year-old knew the child. The teenagers continue to in police custody, the investigation continued, wrote the police on Twitter. The offence occurred on Sunday afternoon. To date, thousands of visitors have been in the Museum, including many families with children.

the mother, visitors will Call to the attention of

The people on the platform heard first a loud Bang, said visitor Nancy Barnfield. After that, a woman with the hysterical scream made “Where is my son where is my son?” attention to the fact that something Terrible had happened.

Other visitors had surrounded a young man and held. This had been “just there and all has been quiet”, until the police arrived.

Tate Modern after the incident

The Museum was closed. “Our thoughts are with the child and his family,” said a spokeswoman.

The Tate Modern is one of the world’s largest museums for contemporary art. She was in the last year, the most popular tourist attraction in the UK, with around 5.9 million visitors, the BBC reported. The Museum is housed in a converted power station on the river Thames.

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