In Munich took place on Tuesday evening, a tragic accident in which a 16-Year-old was killed. She suffered a fatal electric shock in the bathroom of her parents house. As the police of the Bavarian capital, announced on Wednesday, had taken the girl the night before your Smartphone into the bathroom to listen to music.

Tragic accident

Because your using a mobile phone in the bath: a 15-year-old girl

current and bathwater died come in contact with – girl-in vain reanimated

Because of the battery of your phone, apparently, went to the tilt, lock the charger to the socket of an extension cord. With fatal consequences. From a still unknown cause was, it came to the contact between the cable and the bath water, whereby the young woman suffered an electric shock and is knocked unconscious.

According to the police, the parents were only after some time, the incident drew the attention. Thus, they managed to resuscitate her daughter, who died later in a hospital. The investigation is going.

source: police in Munich