It should be a two-week vacation. Two weeks away from the stress of everyday life, away from appointments and the hustle and bustle in her London home. However, for an Irish mother and a French man, living in the British capital, were those two weeks at the beginning of the nightmare. Since Sunday, the 15-year-old daughter of the parents disappeared in the middle of the jungle of Malaysia and without any real trace of her.

last Saturday, the family checked in after 18 hours of travel in “The Dusun”, a small Eco-Resort with seven Bungalows, a good 50 kilometers Southeast of the Malaysian capital Kuala Lumpur and in the middle of the jungle. The system advertises its secluded location (“off the grid”) in the rain forest and the possibility to make walks through the Wilderness.

Nora disappeared in the jungles of Malaysia

But on Sunday morning it was over with the peace and seclusion. The parents were in one of the small huts, the alarming discovery: her daughter Nora was gone, the Windows were wide open. Since then, not a day goes by without a search, not a day without Hope and Trepidation.

in the Meantime, more than 200 people were involved in the search operations in the rugged terrain, police divers, through to looking for a river, drones and helicopters with thermal imaging cameras increased, sniffer dogs were snuffling in the jungle, the hikers photos were distributed, posters to walls, but Nora was not found.

missing person’s case Rebecca

timeline of her disappearance – the official make tracks in the forest Mature for sure

the 15 Was kidnapped-Year-old? Or she has lost in the Wilderness? The police don’t know it. But she knows that the hopes, discover the girl is still alive, every day, every hour small. “We need to find the victim as quickly as possible,” said the police chief of the Malaysian newspaper “The Star.” Even strong people would be weakened after five days in the jungle. But Nora is only 15. According to the information of the family in their development slightly retarded. “She is very shy, very cautious and very anxious,” she said of her grandfather, the British BBC the girl. It was uncharacteristic for his granddaughter, on your own of going. Without help, they could not find themselves alone to cope.

support for family of the missing girl

has in the Meantime contacted an aunt of the young people via Video to the Public, the parents of the Missing are in their care in the situation. “It is extremely dramatic for the whole family,” said Éadaoin Agnew on the verge of crying in the camera. “We must do everything to bring you home.”

support for the family from the “Lucie Blackman Trust” (LBT), an Organisation working for the relatives of Missing persons. The LBT has published on its Internet pages search posters and has set up a Hotline for information. “Nora didn’t know what to do alone and you would leave your family, never volunteer,” said Aisling Agnew from the LBT. A call for donations has now introduced around 60,000 Euro for the members.


With this call of “the Lucy Blackman Trust supports” the search for the 15-year-old Nora

©Lucy Blackman Trust

The police, meanwhile, on the fifth day after the Disappearance, in new directions. Officials strip with megaphones fitted through the jungle, from them the voice of the mother of a 15-echoes-Year-old. “Nora, darling Nora, I love you, here’s Mama!”, breaking through the silence of the forest. The forces hope that the voice of the mother attracts the girls, should have it hidden somewhere in the nature.

Audio police in search of Missing voice of the mother Your browser does not support the audio element.

were removed According to the “Daily Mail” on the floor of the jungle, about six kilometers from the “The Dusun”, meanwhile, footprints are discovered, which could come from Nora. “We still believe that the Missing is in our vicinity,” said the police chief told reporters. However, Storm and rain are announced, it is difficult to search additionally. Add: in the Meantime finger had been fingerprints in the bedroom of Nora discovered, write British media. To whom they belong could not tell the police. A crime is not close to the officials, meanwhile, explicitly. Are you looking for more.

sources: “The Dusun”, The Star, BBC, “Lucie Blackman Trust” “Daily Mail”, the DPA

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