Wolfsburg, Germany: 15-Year-old classmate appears in the

In Wolfsburg (lower Saxony) investigated by the police for grievous bodily harm against a 15-Year-olds. The Teenager is said to have pressed on Monday morning, several classmates during the swimming learning intentionally under the water. A 14-Year-old had been submerged so violently that she fainted and was taken by their teachers out of the water had to be drawn. Shortly thereafter, the girl was broken in the shower together and slightly injured in a hospital brought, police said.

4,45 ppm: police pulls a driver on the A2 from the traffic

police officers have stopped on Monday evening on the A2, a completely drunken Truck driver. Previously, witnesses had selected the emergency, because of the tractor tracks in the queue line, was partially driving on the road. At the service area Garbsen-Nord, the police asked the 30-year-old professional driver for the alcohol test. The result is a breath alcohol value of 4.45 ppm. A doctor took the Trucker in addition to a blood sample. Officials conceded the driver’s license and the vehicle key. The man must now reckon with a procedure because of dangerous interference in road traffic.

Wiesloch: black riders attacked stewardess

After an attack on a stewardess in an ICE of Deutsche Bahn, the Federal police have detained a 22-year-old man. It was reported on Monday evening in the high-speed train from Stuttgart to Frankfurt am Main on the road and had no ticket, as the Federal police announced. The 34-year-old stewardess, who controlled him, he was beaten with the fist in the stomach. Out of fear of further attacks, the woman fled into the service compartment and alerted the police. As the train is in the station hole-Walldorf in the Rhine-Neckar-circle, stopped, and arrested the officials of the 22-Year-old. He needs to go now due to personal injury and train without a Ticket answer.

Osterburg: cyclist dies after accident

After a collision with a small van, a cyclist in osterburg (Saxony-Anhalt) died in the hospital. When reversing, the driver of the Van had been overlooked by the 75-Year-old on Monday, a spokesman for the police announced in Stendal. The woman fell and was brought with severe head injuries in a hospital. There she died a few hours later.

Schwerte: murder suspect transfers own arrest in the case of Facebook

A murder suspect is in the Ruhr area during a Live Transmission on Facebook of SEC officials by surprise and arrested. The 49-Year-old is suspected, a 72-Year-old killed and then the fire in your house. At the time of his arrest on Sunday in his apartment, the special operations command (SEC) burst of the police in a lengthy Video Transmission, as the investigating Prosecutor confirmed on Tuesday to demand. The Online Portal “My sword” and the “image”newspaper had previously reported.

After the initial ringing and multiple Pop, the Video shows several police officers storm the apartment and now in terror on the ground, crouching. Then, the image is black. On the question of whether the police knew of the Transfer, and you could make use of them, wanted to take the Prosecutor. To may “use, preparations for the SEKs I did not make any statements,” he said.

in the Meantime, the 49-year-old sits on suspicion of murder in custody. It should be taken with massive violence against the woman, and then a fire. Firefighters were met on Thursday of last week with burns-strewn corpse. The investigation of the backgrounds.

In the more than 100-minute-long Video of a man filming in his apartment, more or less, by doing nothing He has set out candles, sitting at the table, watching TV and drinking coffee, and Smoking again at the window or from the camera.

Dinslaken, Germany: 19-Year-old drives into oncoming traffic – three people were injured

A 19-year-old Car driver went off the roadway, and then with two drivers collided. As the district police writes authority in Wesel in a press release, had lost the woman on the height of a junction to the left of your lane with an oncoming Car of a 59-year-old man collided. After the collision with the 59-Year-old woman with a 50-year-old woman drove directly behind the man with your Car to be pushed together. A result of the collision the 19-Year-old and 59-Year-old seriously injured and an ambulance to a hospital in Dinslaken. The 50-Year-old got into a hospital, could this leave, but after an outpatient treatment. It is a property, incurred damage in the amount of approximately € 50,000.

car is sinking in Meschede in the Ruhr, 74-Year-old dead,

salvaged Tragic accident in the Morning, in the Sauerland region. Around 7: 30 p.m., a Car crashed in the proximity of the Bike Park Meschede from hitherto unknown causes in the Ruhr, the delivery of water and went under. The fire brigade, the police and the police recovered the car about 100 meters down the river. However, without an occupant. With the help of a police helicopter was found at a nearby military a male body. The police announced in a Tweet, the dead, the 74-year-old driver of the car. The circumstances under which the pensioners rolled into the river, or threats, is as yet unclear.

house collapse in Bautzen passenger Cars spilled

In the Saxon town of Bautzen is collapsed late on Monday night, a multi-family house partially. People did not come to harm. The house stood for several years. Hard a Car that was directly next to the building, parked and was damaged. According to information from the THW and the fire Department, no further danger of collapse was up to date. Why the house in the Potter’s road down, is unclear.

news from Monday, the 14. January

Vreden: power shut off – 900 fattening pigs in the Münsterland died

have died Because of the Unknown to be penetrated in a pig fattening farm in the Western part of the münsterland, around 900 animals. According to police, the unknown perpetrators had come in the time between Sunday evening and Monday morning in the equipment room of the plant in Vreden-Ellewick and the power supply had been interrupted. Thus, the ventilation of the barn has been turned off for the pigs for fattening essential to life. The owner estimates the damage to the police the information on around 100,000 Euro. According to a police spokesperson, it is determined in all directions. On Tuesday, wants to according to his Informationion the family of the owner, apply to the Public.

Fulda: 21-jump-Standing of a moving freight train and dies

At a railway station in Hesse, a 21-year-old man died because he jumped probably from a moving train. He bounced off a mast in the night to Saturday in Burghaun against a Current, and injured himself fatally, as the police in Fulda announced on Monday. According to the previous investigation, he previously in Bad Hersfeld prohibited manner had climbed to a position where the ends of the freight train. So he wanted to go, obviously, in his home town of Burghaun. As the train went through the station, he jumped and died.

Berlin: airline passenger smuggled a Boa in your pants

The employees of the security check at the Berlin airport were amazed, as a man struck, “something in his pants was, did not belong”. The travelers had smuggled a Boa in his pants, as the main customs office Potsdam announced later. The incident occurred on Christmas eve, the customs spoke of the “most curious Fund 2018”. The 43-year-old man wanted to travel, therefore, by plane to Israel. As the security personnel were on his pants carefully, had to reveal to the man the contents of the same. From the waistband, he pulled out a small cloth bag with a live Boa. Since the man could no relevant documents, was seized from the 40-centimeter-long animal. The snake came in a reptile-collecting station to Brandenburg. The man, a fine expected well procedure.

Gundelsheim: car with unconscious driver is in the middle of the highway

On a motorway in upper Franconia, a 24 has been found-Year-old unconscious at the wheel of his stationary car. The police announced on Monday his damaged car on Saturday close to Gundelsheim (Landkreis Bamberg) on a reconciliation of the strip from the A73 on the A70. Whether, and if so where he was previously involved in an accident, was initially not known. In the case of the officials, a message was because of an eye-catching car at the motorway junction Bamberg. Because the found the vehicle was locked, had to be smashed in the side Windows of the police. The unconscious man was taken to a hospital. The cause for his unconsciousness was not known, it is suspected that he had consumed drugs, however, there it was.

Euskirchen: thieves steal 15,000 of the diapers are from a Truck

diapers are known to be quite expensive, especially if you need many of them. After a foray in the Rhineland town of Euskirchen unknown thieves are likely to be equipped now, however, even for the case of multiple births: The Criminal stole from a Truck-trailer told 15.375 Pampers size three, such as the police on Monday. Were Packed the diapers in 75 boxes.

fell asleep While the driver of the Truck, had the long finger slashed in the night to Saturday, the Plane of the trailer, and then with the unusual stolen goods, the Distance sought. The total damage to the police amounted to an average four-digit Euro sum.

Dornstadt: death in a traffic jam – women on A8 is not frozen to death

After the death of a woman last week in the snow a traffic jam on the motorway 8 the police from a medical cause and not from a certain death. The a spokesman said on Monday. The 54-Year-old was remained as hundreds of other participants in traffic on Thursday due to heavy snowfall on the highway close to dornstadt (Baden-Württemberg). She sat alone in her car and died in the hours-long traffic jam. A occasion for a post-mortem examination, it is not, the spokesman said.

Wardenburg: dog feces in cars distributed

An unpleasant Surprise to have experienced two car owners in ward the castle (lower Saxony). Unknown smashed the window of their vehicles, and distributed in the Inner bag with dog feces. They also damaged a car on the driver’s side and opened a valve, such as the police announced on Monday. After that, the perpetrators struck in the night from Saturday to Sunday. The police are now seeking witnesses.

Wolfsburg: Mysterious series of glue attacks on cars

The series of glue attacks on cars in Wolfsburg. “In the meantime, more than 450 deeds were recorded with a damage of about 1.5 million euros,” police said. At the beginning of January, four new cases had been registered. “Some victims are now also affected on several occasions,” said police spokesman Thomas Figge. Without a recognisable system of the perpetrator have an impact on the entire area of the city.

The investigators currently assume that there is a culprit, is since April of 2017, mostly in the dark on several parked cars over and smeared. “It is used a more aggressive glue, attacking not only the paint, but the metal underneath it,” said the police spokesman. As a result, high Damages arise quickly. Although it was a special industrial glue, which was, however, relatively easy to use. A trace of the perpetrator does not have result yet.


The perpetrator went to the police with no discernible systematics in front of

©police Wolfsburg DPA Offenburg: winter athletes sitting in the ski Lodge festival

In a ski Lodge on the summits of the black forest Hornisgrinde (Baden-Württemberg) stuck twelve winter sports enthusiasts. You should descend according to the mountain rescue until Monday evening to a low-lying hut. Then, the black forest high road is passable again, so that the group can be picked up. Danger for the Trapped not insist, said a spokesman for the police in Offenburg.

The hut belongs to the Academic ski-club Karlsruhe and is located in 1145 meters in height. For more information about the group, were not immediately known. The Hornisgrinde (Ortenaukreis) with 1163 meters is the highest peak of the Northern black forest. In the past few days it had been snowing in the black forest. Also because of the risk of trees toppling under the weight of the snow, have been blocked several roads.

Bad Kreuznach: Pregnant woman attacked and killed Baby – the Background is unclear

The subject of a serious knife attack on a 25-year-old pregnant patient in a hospital in Bad Kreuznach (Rhineland-Palatinate) is more unclear. An asylum seeker from Afghanistan is said to have injured the woman of the same age on Friday night in her hospital room with multiple knife wounds life-threatening, and her unborn child killed. The man had lived in the South of Biblis, and the Pregnant woman in the more than 70 kilometers away, hospital visits, Kreuznach reported to the public Prosecutor’s office on Monday in the bathroom.

Whether the two were a loving couple, not first. The Accused had a g not for the fact eäußert, the victim of interrogation was after an emergency surgery. The 25-Year-old had attacked the stationary eighth wife after a quarrel in the hospital room with the knife. Which is why the woman – a Polish woman – at the clinic was treated, and in which month she was pregnant, it was not clear initially.

the room was still housed a patient, you have the fact, and by patient button to get help, such as the Prosecutor’s office reported. The perpetrators have to leave the hospital yet, “first of all, without significant haste,” and at the train station from Bad Kreuznach, the German Federal police. He sits in custody. He is accused of attempted murder and dangerous bodily injury. It was a crime of passion, other people had not been, or attacked, threatened.

Berlin: Two girls in a traffic accident

Two of the injured 14-year-old girl have been injured in a traffic accident in Berlin-Neukölln difficult. According to initial findings, the two Teenagers were running early Sunday evening at Red hall road, as a spokeswoman for the police announced on Monday. A car that turned off according to the police, in the Green of the Sonnenallee in the street, collected the two 14-Year-old. The 22-year-old drivers have yet to attempt to evade and his car to a holding BVG-Bus. The two girls and the driver were seriously injured.

Calbe: man runs multiple times on the A14 and is fatal

captures A man has on several occasions crossed the A14 at Calbe (Thuringia) and has been injured by a truck is deadly. According to previous findings, the 49 is supposed to have stood-Year-old is under considerable influence of alcohol, as the police in Hohenwarsleben announced on Monday. On Sunday evening he got out of a car that had been on the highway Parking lot, three height of a mountain. Then he was gone several times on the highway.

he had been initially grazed two cars and slightly injured. Shortly thereafter, in the direction of Magdeburg have in driving a truck captured the man. The 49-Year-old died at the scene of the accident.

hall: firefighters save man from burning apartment

A 54-Year-old has. in spite of a fire in his apartment in Halle (Saxony-Anhalt) soul slept quietly A neighbor heard on Saturday night, a smoke detector beeping and alerted the fire brigade, the police announced. But the 54-Year-old is not opened, so that the forces breaking down the door. The tenant was asleep in his bed. In the bathroom it burned. The fire Department put out the flames. The 54-Year-old was, as a precaution, taken to a hospital. The cause of the fire remained unclear.

Caught: Escaped horse from the car

has been run over An escaped horse in Brought in the district of Osnabrück (lower Saxony) by a car and fatally injured. It had escaped its owners, together with four horses and a road ran, as they wanted to bring the animals on Sunday in a stable, said a police spokesman. The car hit the horse and it injured reported to be so severe that a veterinarian einschläferte it on the spot. The occupants of the car, a 30-year-old man, a 38-year-old woman and two small children were unharmed. The other horses would be unharmed can be caught again.

Bamberg: Unknown break with the car in a jewelry store is a

, Unknown offenders broke in a spectacular way in a jewelry store in Bamberg’s pedestrian zone. The men went early on a Monday morning with a stolen all-terrain vehicles reverse into the front door of the store, such as the police in Bavaria said. After that, you would have broken up the display cases and watches, and jewelry stolen. The police went with a police helicopter search for the perpetrators, but so far without result. Only the getaway car was found. According to the initial findings of the police, were involved in the fact of four men.

sources: press portal police

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