officials of the police Directorate, Fintel in lower Saxony, stopped during a patrol of a youth who was on a highly unusual two-Wheeler on the road. In addition to registration and insurance of each moped was missing from the Bike is actually pretty much typical component.

The frame of the vehicle was made of metal struts, the seat was made of wood, the wheels of a drawer borrowed and the engine is virtually the heart of the design, took the 14-Year-old, a garden scarifier is used to Ventilate the lawns.

Moped without insurance protection

Whether or not the young people built in fact, all of the self together, remained unclear. Due to the lack of insurance protection in connection with all other defects, the young man was, logically, the more travel is prohibited, and “whose parents set personally in the knowledge of” how the competent police informed the red castle.

source: police inspection Rotenburg, news portal