The Munich police arrested last Thursday a 14-Year-old that is suspected to have a 13-year-old girl in a swimming pool sexually abused.

The teenager is said to have in the late afternoon with the alleged perpetrators in the pool “Westbad” in the district of Pasing taken. During the visit, the 14-pulled-Year-old student in a locker room and it is locked, police said. “In the cabin, he groped the student and asked them to satisfy him orally. She refused vehemently and started to cry.” Then, the young people have grabbed the student by the neck, her face beaten and threatened to kill her before he left the swimming pool. According to the “Süddeutsche Zeitung” the girl wearing multiple hematomas of it.

suspect is the Munich police is already known

A lifeguard noticed the 13-Year-old in tears and addressed. After you have reported of what Happened, alerted the man to the police.

Text against sexual abuse

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officers took the 14-Year-old a little later in the apartment of his parents. Since, according to police repeat and darkening danger, requested the Prosecutor’s office a warrant, an investigating judge issued this. The Boy is sitting now because of the allegations of physical injury, the threat of coercion and the sexual abuse of a child in custody.

The Suspect, the police had already as a so-called Intensive or repeat offenders known as a speaker. He noticed with several offences in a short period of time. What the youth of the files was well-acquainted with, said the speaker.

In the past year were suspected, according to Police crime statistics of the Federal criminal police office, a total of 1905 young people to have a sexual abuse of children committed.

sources: police in Munich, Süddeutsche Zeitung, the Federal criminal police office, News agencies DPA and AFP

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