for the murder of the 14-year-old student Susanna from Mainz, Germany, the 22-year-old Ali B. since the morning (09.30) before the regional court of Wiesbaden. According to prosecutors, the accused raped the schoolgirl in may 2018 in Wiesbaden-erbenheim and they killed then insidious. The Iraqi refugee Ali B. has confessed in interviews to have Susanna killed. The rape he denied. The body of the schoolgirl was on 6. June in a hole in the ground near the railway found railway tracks, approximately two weeks after the Disappearance of the girl.

The case of Susanna was unusual in many ways. He heated up the public debate on refugees and sparked a diplomatic scandal with Iraq. In addition, there was criticism of the work of the police, the use of employees in the Wake of two country days.

in The case of Susanna and the diplomacy

The accused Ali b. had left shortly after the fact with his family in the Kurdish-controlled Northern Iraq. He was taken by Kurdish security forces and the Federal police, according to Germany, transferred. The authorities chef Dieter Romann traveled personally to the Iraqi Erbil. The removal of Iraq’s Central government in Baghdad as a violation of law criticized. There is no delivery give agreement between Iraq and Germany.

14-Year-old raped and murdered

violence, fraud, robbery – the explosive acts of Ali B.

After the murder of the 14-year-old Susanna in Wiesbaden, Germany, was wanted by the police internationally, according to Ali. In Iraq, it took the 20-year-old, for the investigators in Germany are not Unknown.

By Daniel desert mountain in The case of Susanna and the Federal police-chief

After a display, the Frankfurt public Prosecutor’s office had initiated investigations against Federal police President of the Romann, however, were set in the meantime. For the charges of deprivation of liberty there is no sufficient evidence, had explained a spokeswoman for the Prosecutor’s office in January 2019.

in The case of Susanna and the refugee debate

After the discovery of the dead Susanna, there was both commemorative events, in which still the girl was grieved, as well as vigils, which were directed against illegal immigration. The defendant, Ali B. was come in 2015, from Iraq to Germany. His asylum application was rejected by the end of 2016. According to the lawsuit, a lawyer of the case to the administrative court. Ali B. was in the police, there is no blank slate. However, it had, according to the Hessian security authorities, despite several suspicions are not sufficient on ongoing cases given points for a detention.

in The case of Susanna and the large policy

The security debate around the suspect’s refugee, the Federal policy-making employees. Chancellor Angela Merkel said in a television interview: “The case shows how important it is that the people who have no residency status, can quickly become your administrative court procedure and quickly sent back home.”

murder case, Susanna

the Return of Ali b. illegal? “He can turn to an administrative court in Baghdad,”

“the end justifies the means” is a Motto to be taken in the repatriation of Ali B., the suspected murderer of schoolgirl Susanna, accuse lawyers of the German authorities. Also, Baghdad is critical.

By Daniel Wüstenberg

the German interior Minister, Horst Seehofer (CSU) said in the Union’s internal dispute over the asylum, he had the impression at the time of migration and security policy control. It was, therefore, grown in him the Conviction that it had to be traded, he said in a television interview and mentioned in the context, it is also the case of Susanna, the got him “upset”.

in The case of Susanna and the police use of

In the work of the police was criticism. Among other things, it came to the question of whether the body can sooner be found, if the officers have extensive searched for the girl. The Rhineland-Palatinate interior Minister Roger Lewentz (SPD) defended in the Landtag in Mainz the use: All legally permitted and tactical measures had been taken in a timely manner. Also his Hessian counterpart, Peter Beuth (CDU) saw no failures of the investigators.

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