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court to release from custody for the car Manager rejects (8.02 PM)Manafort campaign data to Russians (7.56 PM)Green do not want the current privileges for industry (6.34 p.m.), Online Shopping proportion of cartons in the waste paper will rise (5.34 p.m.)A Million Filipinos pay homage to black Jesus-figure (4.38 p.m.)Apple CEO Tim Cook boosts salary (3.50 PM)Frauke Petry is expecting her sixth child (2.30 PM)

The News of the day:

+++ 8.02 PM: court rejects dismissal from detention for the car Manager Ghosn +++

The former Chairman of Renault partner Nissan, Carlos Ghosn, will remain in Japan for the time being in custody. The district court in Tokyo rejected on Wednesday the request of his lawyers, to finish the for more than 50 days of continued detention. Ghosn was on the previous day for the first time since his arrest on April 19. November on suspicion of violation of stock exchange requirements appeared in court and had protested his innocence. His lawyers think it’s possible that the 64-year-old car Manager could stay for at least six more months in prison until his trial begins. An appointment yet.

+++ 7.56 PM: reports: Manafort campaign data gave the Russians more +++

Donald trump’s former campaign Manager Paul Manafort media has been according to reports, during the US election campaign 2016 campaign data to a business partner of Russian secret services. This is to show according to Reports from several US media, court files, the Manaforts lawyers published on Tuesday.

The U.S. special investigator Robert Mueller accused met with Manafort, and other campaign aides of the current President Trump, collusion with Russian representatives and to have lied about it. According to “New York Times” (Tuesday) were the survey data and partly by a private company, worked for trump’s campaign team. In the case of the made available court documents, it was a response to the allegation, Manafort have the US lied to investigators, even after he had agreed to make a cooperation with you.

+++ 6.34 PM: Green: No electricity privileges for industry in coal-exit +++

The Greens call for the Carbon price phase-a clear rejection of additional industrial privileges in the Current. “Due to the large excess capacity is not to be expected that the electricity prices rise, if coal-fired power plants have to be decommissioned,” said Green party Vice Oliver Krischer of the German press Agency. The Federal government should make the industry Association BDI “unmistakably clear, that no new subsidy would be door opened”. Otherwise, the phase-out of coal could be used for electricity generation as a pretext, in order that public funding for electricity-intensive industries “Mature”.

+++ 5.34 PM: Online Shopping proportion of cartons in the waste bin +++

rise Less Newspapers, more shipping boxes from Online trading: The contents of waste paper tons has changed in the past few years. The Association of Municipal companies (VKU), which represents the municipal waste disposal company, the composition of the paper and cardboard waste investigate. The result is up to 71 percent of the volume of Content packaging. “Often the cardboard land boxes – as they are – in the paper bin, to be without or folded ripped,” says the Association. “The result is that the paper bin is full faster, although less indoors – more volume, less weight.”

+++ 4.38 at More than a Million Filipinos pay homage to black Jesus-figure +++

More than a Million Catholics are drawn on Wednesday in one of the largest religious processions in the world, running barefoot through the Philippine capital, Manila. Here, every year on may 9. January a black Jesus figure through the streets of borne, the so-called Black Nazarene. Many believers tried to touch the Statue or to kiss also. Supposedly it has magical powers that help with diseases. Again and again, there was “Viva”-Call. Along the seven-kilometre-long route, more than 7000 police and soldiers were deployed. According to the Red cross in the first hours more than 450 people had to be treated for dizziness. The sale of alcohol is prohibited

+++ 3.50 PM: Apple CEO Tim Cook increases the content strong, + + +

Apple CEO Tim Cook has referred in the past financial year, a fifth more salary. The Top Manager got 15.7 million dollars (13.7 billion euros) and a stroke of 22 percent more money than in the previous year, as Apple announced on Tuesday. Thus, he increased his revenue for the second year in a row. Why, above all, a twelve million Dollar Bonus that was linked to the achievement of certain financial targets.

+++ 3.46 PM: German tourist since new year’s day in Australia +++

In Australia missing is missing since the turn of the year, a German tourist. The 62-year-old woman was seen according to police sources, of Wednesday last, on the Morning of 1. January of a Hotel in the town of Alice Springs, on the way to a hike. Alice Springs is the only larger town in the Australian Outback, the only sparsely populated Hinterland in the centre of Australia. The temperatures reached during the daytime at present, more than 40 degrees.

+++ 2.30 PM: media report: Frauke Petry is expecting her sixth child +++

The former AfD Leader Frauke Petry expects a report in the “Bild”newspaper, according to their sixth child. “I’m already in the fifth month. In June, it is ready. We are very happy”, quoted the “image”newspaper, member of the Bundestag and member of the Saxon Landtag. It is Petrys second child with the MEPs, Marcus Pretzell. From the first marriage she has four children. Petry was about to step out to the feeder of your AfD into the Bundestag in 2017 from the party. The outlet internal power were gone fighting. Together with her husband, Pretzell and shortly thereafter founded the “blue party”.

sos / DPA / AFP

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