In the affair to the Navy sailing school ship “Gorch Fock” has given the Federal Ministry of defence, a media report says a serious error. The “world” reported, the Ministry had confirmed after an extensive examination of the internal audit, the serious allegations of the Federal court of auditors, to a large extent.

In a statement, which was submitted to the Bundestag, it is said, therefore, although the tests have not yet been processed finally, allow the current state of knowledge “, already observed, that we share the vast majority of the representations of the Federal court of auditors as well as the recommendations follow the summary remarks”.

“Gorch Fock” danger for life and limb?

The court had found the beginning of January, according to media reports, in a report of serious lapses in the rehabilitation of the 1958-built sailing ship. So by the end of 2015 had been earmarked for the renovation of the three masters just under ten million euros. Meanwhile, the cost increased to 135 million euros. The court referred to, among other things, before the restoration, there had been no comprehensive Damage assessment is still an adequate investigation of the cost-effectiveness.

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135 instead of 10 million: Why the “Gorch Fock” nevertheless, it is being renovated

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However, the Ministry of defense has the “world”according to a report some of the allegations of the court of auditors. In particular, contrary to the Department the determination of the Financial controllers, the “Gorch Fock” have shown over the years, “a danger for body and lives of the crew and the officer students”.

In the opinion of the Ministry, have such a risk, writes “in any case, since the completion of the maintenance activities in 2012 until the beginning of the current maintenance project failed”. The safety of the soldiers had not been affected.

The security policy spokesman of the Green, Tobias Lindner, called on the Ministry of defence in the “world”, to be staged in the future, “just as a victim of the criminal machinations of a shipyard”. The Ursula of the Leyen (CDU) – led Ministry had made “significant errors of their own”.

sources: “world”, news Agency AFP