The case caused a US-wide attention: last October, Denise and James Closs at their home in Barron, in the US had been the state Wisconsin was found shot dead. Their daughter Jayme was gone. Almost three months the police sought with high pressure after the missing teenager. The employer of Denise and James Closs, the food manufacturer Jennie-O Turkey Store, was for information that would lead to the return of the girl, a reward of $ 25,000 (22,000 euros). After 88 days was able to break free Jamye finally, from the violence of their Kidnappers. Now you should receive the money.

company wants to true to set up a trust Fund for Jayme Closs

“The company has expressed his desire to donate the $ 25,000 to Jayme,” said the President of Jennie-O Turkey Store, Steve Lykken, on the website of the parent company, Hormel Foods. “We hope that a litter can be hand funds used for Jaymes current and future needs.”

Jaymes parents had worked according to the “West Central Tribune” 25 years in her home town of Barron for Jennie-O. “While we still mourn the loss of long-time members of the family Jim and Denise, we are so grateful for Jaymes bold escape, and that she is again in Barron’s,” said Lykken.


In this house, Jayme Closs lived with their parents

©Jeff Baenen DPA

The Sheriff of Barron County, Chris Fitzgerald, thanked the group for its support: He agreed that Jayme is in this case the heroine and was glad that Jennie had decided to O, the 13-Year-olds, the reward, said Fitzgerald. “The partnerships that have been while this case created, will not only help you Jayme and your family in the future, but they will strengthen us all the more, led by the thought that we will never cease to hope!”

The US Federal police FBI had in the search for Jayme a reward of $ 25,000 Closs also suspended. So far, the authority has not expressed an opinion, according to the newspaper “Star Tribune” of Minneapolis, in the neighboring state of Minnesota, what to do with the money.

21-year-old unemployed has indeed been

The suspect in the case had been taken a few minutes after the Jaymes escape. He has confessed to the crime.

The 21-year-old unemployed Jake P. had brought his victim in the trunk of his car to around 120 kilometers from Jaymes parents house remote, secluded cabin in the woods, and there held prisoner. Court documents says that he locked the girl again and again under his bed, when he left the hut, or visit. It was the bottom of the piece of furniture with bags and Laundry baskets, which he values with Weights.


This aerial photo shows the cottage in which the 13-Year-old from her captors.

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At 10, it was noted. January managed Jayme finally, to clear the obstacles out of the way and escape. Jake P. has to answer now, because of two counts of murder, kidnapping, and burglary.

source: Hormel Foods, “West Central Tribune”, “Star Tribune”