In the case of a severe series of attacks in the North of Syria, are killed, according to observers, at least 13 people and about 40 more have been injured.

In various places five bombs exploded in total and also met among others a Christian Church in the city of Kamischli on the border with Turkey. The heaviest attack occurred in Afrin. The city is controlled by rebels supported by Turkey.

In the case of the Explosion of a car bomb at the entrance 13 people had been killed, said the Syrian Observatory for human rights on Thursday. Among the Victims were at least eight civilians were. More than 30 people had been injured in the Explosion of the car bomb.

At the entrance had been waiting for a number of vehicles to be at a control point checks, reported the Observatory, based in the UK, which draws its information from a wide network of informants in Syria.

another bomb exploded next to a Church in Kamischli in the North-East of Syria. Seven people were injured, said the Syrian Orthodox Archbishop Mor Maurice Amsih the German press Agency.

More than 100 people had stopped by the time of the Explosion in the Church. The bomb had done a lot of damage to the building. Only about a year ago, the Church of the Holy virgin Mary was destroyed in a fire and then been rebuilt.

Kamischli is largely controlled by Kurdish militias, parts of the city are under the control of Pro-government militias that fight on the side of President Bashar al-Assad.

in The Morning exploded three more explosive devices in the roughly 80 kilometers to the South of Kamischli the nearby town of Al-hasakah. At least two people were injured. One of the explosions occurred at a checkpoint of Kurdish units. First of all, no one known to the various attacks.

The Kurds control large areas along the Syrian-Turkish border in the North in the civil war country. Turkey had Robert in the past year, several places back, she looks at the Kurdish fighters as terrorists. In the Region of the terrorist militia Islamic state (IS) had to dismantle their rule.

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