The Japanese Kane Tanaka is now officially the oldest person in the world. At a ceremony in her seniors home for Tanaka, who is 116 years and 66 days of age, received a certificate with your new title, as the publisher of the Guinness book of records announced.

Tanaka family and the mayor of the Japanese city of Fukuoka took part in the celebrations. Tanaka has Othello in your biblical age, therefore, still have a passion for mathematics, and the Board game.

Tanaka was on 2. January, 1903, the seventh child was born, there were a total of eight brothers and sisters. In 1922 she married. The Couple had four children and adopted another. You have to stand still every Morning at 6 a.m. and go until around 21 o’clock to bed, reported in the Guinness book of records.

In July, had died of Tanaka’s predecessor as the oldest person in the world, also a Japanese woman. The on 2. May 1901-born Chiyo Miyako, who had lived in Yokohama in the vicinity of the capital, Tokyo, has reached the age of 117 years and 81 days.