In the first nation-wide picture of the situation to the Clan-crime, the police located in North Rhine-Westphalia, 104 criminal Clans. Alone in the years 2016 to 2018, this should be for approximately 14,000 crimes responsible, committed by 6500 Suspects, said the NRW Minister of the interior, Herbert Reul (CDU) on Wednesday in Dusseldorf. Every fifth Crime go on account of only two Clans.

the Suspect perpetrators were 380 intensive, predominantly between the ages of 14 and 26 years of age, committed about every third of fact. “Clan-crime is not a petty crime,” said Reul. Of the crime and on the 26 homicides, of which 24 Trials and two were completed. It is also robbery, extortion and assault. The stronghold of the clan in NRW was eating.

Clan-feuds in NRW

Feuding families go at each other – six arrests

DPA Clan-members: little education, but great expectations to life

most of The Suspects with a Clan Background are German (36 percent), followed by Lebanese (31), Turks (15) and Syrians (13). The origin of the Clans were Turkish-Arabic immigrant families. “Many of the Clan members have no or a low education, but high expectations of their standard of living,” said detective Aldi rector Thomas Jungbluth.

Some of the Clans have a low three-digit number of members, the other might be more than 1000 people. The basic principle of the clan: “The family is everything, and the honor of the family goes about everything,” said Jungbluth. Income would come from drug trafficking, Shisha Bars, betting shops and the car trade, but also from Fraud scams such as fake police and fraudulent key services, as well as the social performance.

Some of the Clans were working with subtle threats, others with more open aggression. Telephone chains rapidly, many of the members could be mobilized to fight about against the police measures. There are Connections to Gangster rappers and rock groups had been discovered.

600 people

Two arrests, weapons checks: police checked with a large contingent of the clan wedding

food is a Clan stronghold in North Rhine-Westphalia

most of The crimes of the Clan-registered environment, the 30-sided picture of the situation in Essen, followed by Gelsenkirchen, Recklinghausen, Duisburg, Bochum and Dortmund. The first city outside of the Ruhr area follows with Cologne in seventh place.

There were Clans, which paid only about half of the fine for traffic offences, said Reul. The Clan members believed, apparently, that they would have nothing to fear. “This is exactly what must change.” To pursue a “strategy of 1000 pinpricks” and the Zero tolerance for smaller crimes.

The police in Gelsenkirchen, Germany, reported that the investigations and the constant control pressure showed already in effect. So it had been since last summer in Gelsenkirchen, not a staged commotion more, was attributable to a Clan.

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