For many families, the idea of a fire in the own four walls is a real nightmare. Family Norz from the small town of unterper foot (Tirol) in Austria had to face this scenario now.

courage knows no age

Actually, it should be a normal day in the home Norz. Like every week, wanted to son Jacob, 10, and mother Gitti travel together for accordion lessons. When his mother was late, decided to wait for the Boy outside the front door. Suddenly, he noticed Smoke on the roof of the old farmhouse.

fire in Bakersfield

fire tragedy: five times a mother wants to save her children and dies in the process of self

Instead of running away, Jakob was immediately. Quickly he ran to the father in the stable, and went for help. The newspaper “Krone” Jacob said: “I have first closed their eyes and hoped that it is only a dream. But when I opened again, I saw a large flame. I immediately ran to my dad in the barn and told him of it”.

father want to delete, and hurt

Jacob’s father, Martin immediately called the fire brigade. In the meantime, he tried to tame, together with the uncle the flame. He drew a painful brand to blisters on the fingers.

The fire, the alert Firefighters within the shortest period of time could be deleted. People had been at the time of the fire fortunately in the attic.

cause Sparks?

About the cause of the fire was then speculated. The parents alleged: “It was windy that day, strong Wind. Of our oven several sparks should be flying in the attic, which is lit up, then.“

Hero of the hour was the son of Jacob. As a reward, he was allowed to travel with the rotary head of the fire to the attic. He commented on the courageous with the words: “So I was able to convince me that really everything has been deleted”.

sources: “Kronen Zeitung” / “Tiroler Tageszeitung”