After allegedly of asylum seekers, attacks on passers-by in the Bavarian town of Amberg, Germany, has announced Federal interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CDU), a tightening of the laws. “The events in Amberg have me very upset. The violence excesses that we cannot tolerate,” said Seehofer, the “image”-newspaper. “If asylum seekers commit violence, they must leave our country. If the existing laws are not sufficient, they need to be changed. I’m going to make of the coalition’s proposals.”

On Saturday night, were attacked in Amberg in the upper Palatinate of twelve people and injured a 17-Year-old was admitted because of a head injury in and out of hospital. Against four Accused at the age of 17 to the age of 19, a warrant was issued; they come from Afghanistan, Syria and Iran. According to police, the suspects were under the influence of alcohol, as they attacked the passers-by.

Bottrop in the Ruhr area

“Clear intention to kill foreigners”: motorist hunted to pedestrians

DPA CDU politicians demand a tough crackdown

The CDU politician Christoph de Vries, Philip Amthor and Patrick Sensburg required a systematic crackdown by the authorities. De Vries called for in the case of “tough sanctions from the judiciary and youth welfare”. Amthor said that the rule of law must show “relentless hardness, and even more deported. Sensburg said that from his point of view, the perpetrators have lost their right to stay.

interior Minister Seehofer also commented on the apparently xenophobic auto attack of a 50-year-old German in Bottrop. This had directed to his car in the new year’s eve night in Bottrop in groups of people, which consisted mostly of foreigners. Four people were injured by the attack. “The obvious xenophobic rampage travel in Bottrop has affected me very much,” said Seehofer, the “image”-newspaper. “It belongs to the political credibility, both of which cases to pursue with determination and hardness.”

bak / AFP

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