Leeluu was eight years old, a Rhodesian Ridgeback, trained people tracker. Rescue dogs, such as Leeluu, when people are in distress, to go home, because they have lost. Or because they are sick and the way of alone is no longer able to find. Leeluu was tested. Most recently, she had helped in the search for a demented woman. The application was successful: The lady was found.

It was the last used for passenger-sniffing dog, who lived with his owner in a small town in the vicinity of the Franconian town of Kronach. The bitch ate in the pre-Christmas week, a poison bait and died three days later in a veterinary clinic, as it is said in a message on Facebook. “This is bitter, this is the irony,” says Manfred Burdich, head of the Association of Mantrailing in Kronach to the star. An animal that is primarily “to help other people,” dies, finally, even by human hand.

Burdich published the incident at the end of December on his Facebook page. First of all, he did just want to warn other dog owners in the surrounding area and raise awareness. However, the fate of the bitch moved a lot of people. The post has since been shared more than 1000 Times.


Leeluu with his owner, during a demonstration at the animal shelter fixed Kronach


The wave of popularity have surprised him”,” says the dog trainer. Nevertheless, he was pleased with the attention, because poison baits were a “nationwide Problem”. Germany has no Central register for poison exists bait, official Figures are scarce. According to the animal protection organization “Peta” is likely, however, that the number of laid baits has increased in recent years in many places. According to the land criminal police office in Munich, this is true, at least for the Federal state of Bavaria. The number of cases has increased between the years 2011 and 2014 – from 60 to 100 known cases.

Tragic loss

for quite some time, animal rights activists are calling for a nationwide register of toxic bait, to be able to the actual danger posed by deliberate poison. The spreading of poison bait is illegal in Germany, against the animal protection act, and can fine either with a fine or imprisonment for a term of up to three years to be punished.

“Unfortunately, the Show lost to the police, often in the Sand, if no further instructions are received,” says Manfred Burdich. He warns us not to trivialize the topic. “It is for every person dramatically, to lose his dog in this way.” Especially for older people, dogs are often of inestimable value, best friend and family a replacement all in one.


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