What a Momentum! Survey: 20 Percent! Anna Lena Baerbock: Superstar! Robert Habeck: Megastar! The Green: People’s Party! Not for long, then we get a green Chancellor.

wait a minute.

people’s party?

This year, a crucial is for the Green. In three East German länder Landtag elections in all three countries, the party is in the polls, significantly worse than the nationwide Trend.

On the nuclear-powered success rocket

The Problem: Bad results in Thuringia or Saxony or Brandenburg can quickly make the green Momentum is broken. From the potential people’s party, a West German middle class party is then quite quickly again.

You can watch the ever, in the years after the nuclear disaster of Fukushima.


result at Bayern-choice

– why the topic of home to the sticking point

Felix Haas

The Green floated at the time, on a nuclear-powered success of the rocket. The nuclear disaster had led the people of the fragility of the planet and the Green stood there and cried out: we Have always said!

The party moved on once in the 20 per cent.

history repeats itself

But then: Not much. The Greens did not manage to establish themselves permanently in such spheres. Thematically, too one-dimensional, in terms of personnel too little mass appeal. Two years later, at the 2013 Bundestag election, came to the party only to 8.4 percent.

Now history seems to repeat itself. The thousand-year summer, the littering of the seas, fine dust all topics, remind us again of the fragility of the planet and our own rude-like role.

star talk

candidate for the Green party chair

Robert Habeck: “I am free of fear”

And the Green: there Are, and have always said – and, therefore, felt all the right answers in the Luggage. And now with Anna Lena Baerbock, and Robert is also a silent (in the sense of: not flashy), hardworking, likable leading Duo Habeck, to which all somehow.

the question is whether the Green can but the people’s party. The voters of potential here: Nearly half of Germans can imagine to select the Green. But that applies as well for the East?

Deep roots in the East,

Oddly enough, the party is so bad, even though it has deep roots in ostdeutschem floor. Bündnis90 that is almost always forgotten first part of the party called, goes back to a merger of the environmental movement of the GDR and played in the founding of the Green an important role. Nevertheless, the party in Thuringia has barely 1000 members, in Saxony is less than 2000. In other words: Incredibly little.

What must the party do now?

Baerbock and Habeck have to get to the base, up to the market-places, where it is exhausting and the Green hurts. You need to to the workers, you will need to. to those who feel misunderstood, you need to talk to anyone that does not belong to the first sight of their core clientele You will need to properly plow.

The Trend speaks for the Green

The Bad: It’s going to be difficult. Very difficult, in the face of low numbers of members in the East German associations.

The Good: The last Trend speaks for the Green party, also in the Eastern countries, their survey values. And the results should be reasonably good – say 10 percent – is not slowed down the Momentum, but gets really swing.


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