photos seemed to be the animal is always serious, and often a bit sad. But it was mostly well dressed and apparently had a whole closet of neckties in different colors and Patterns: the cat of Julian Assange. There are countless pictures where the grey tabby cat looks amazing with the white chest and white spot on nose and mouth in London from a window of the Embassy of Ecuador, in his master lived for seven years.

As the Australian Assange had to leave on Thursday, the diplomatic mission and was arrested, was from his cat, not a trace. Since then, many users ask in the social media: Where is the cat of Assange?

“What, now @EmbassyCat?” a user asks on Twitter, but receives no answer. Maybe because it’s been around for a long time the cat of the Wikileaks founder. In this case, the animal as the “Embassy Cat” – so “message cat” – even has its own Twitter Account, the silenced, however, had, after Assange had a few months ago fight with his master, and more to the Internet was allowed.

Wild theories about the cat of Julian Assange on Twitter

A Twitter user pointed out that assange’s cat was in the social media is a great sympathy carrier – which is not likely to have fallen to its opponents. To harm him and because he loved the animal so that it is determined in an animal asylum unloaded, he went on to add “partisan girl”, and thus expands the long list of unüberprüfbaren rumors. Another user invites the public to a London’s famous cat to help, “Larry the Cat”, the works in the headquarters of the British Prime Minister “”. “Number10Cat please say that You’ll take care of EmbassyCat,” is the desperate appeal of this cat friend.

What happened with assange’s cat, seem to know only a few – the Australian self, the Embassy staff and, allegedly, the British Journalist James Ball tweeted on Thursday: “The cat Julian Assange was supposed to be given ages ago by the Embassy of Ecuador in an animal shelter. I don’t expect a cat to delivery in the next few hours (seriously I had offered to adopt her).”

assange grey splash roommate is gone and has left the message may already be in front of his master. It is not even clear whether the cat is alive.

for a Long time it was an attraction. The animal, which was a gift from assange’s children to their father, and in 2012 as a ten week old kitten in the message, aroused since his arrival here in assange’s Embassy asylum, the minds. Some found the animal just cool in its changing ties Outfits, there were some that held his life in the premises of the Embassy for non-animal-friendly, and demanded his liberation. A real name, the cat had not apparently – or at least in the media, was not known. Except for the “Embassy Cat” was called in the media “Michi” and “Cat-stro”.

Neglected Julian Assange and his cat?

last fall, there were reports that Assange will not care enough for his cat – it went to feeding and Hygiene. The Australians had, at the time, the Stress with the house of the Lord: This criticised, among other things, the Wikileaks founder should clean his bathroom. As cats Fans, Yes, great Hygiene, not more like it”, the Embassy Cat,” perhaps at the end especially when his master, could now think of. However, such a presumption would only be another rumor, not evidence. Perhaps such allusions serve to a lack of cleanliness to discredit Assange in the eyes of the Public.

What happened to the “message cat” – we know it too. But maybe she lives somewhere, happily, without the hype and with people who take good care of you. The want many Users on Twitter.

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