for Hours, around 400 firefighters fought against the flames, the beat of the Parisian Cathedral of Notre-Dame – on Tuesday morning, the rescuers gave up and then finally the all-clear: The fire is deleted in the symbol of the French capital completely, the fire brigade managed to save the bell towers, and also the structure of the nave has been largely preserved.

It was a fire of immense extent, of which everyone could see for themselves on television. For the forces of the fire was a tremendous challenge, not only because they needed a long time until they were able to get to the site (read more in the star).

fire in the Paris Church

Church window, class of travel and love: memories of Notre share-Dame

Of Eugen Epp

values of Certain characteristics of the Gothic building made it difficult to extinguishing the fire in addition, as a former fireman in the U.S. channel CNN explained: the centuries-old roof beams of Notre-Dame, its stone façade and the sheer size of the Cathedral (127 meters long, 40 meters wide and 33 meters high). “In the first 20 minutes of the fire, it was clear that it could be a bad fire,” said Gregg Favre of the transmitter. After the bar had burned in the roof, whether it is for the firefighters through the stone outer skin have been difficult to get to the source of the flames. The stones were hot and would have kept the smoke Inside, fire in the nave had been prevented to begin with. In addition, the fire got by the height of the building and the oxygen contained therein, always new food. “The forces were already at a disadvantage before it even moves from the fire station out,” said the Ex-firefighter. On his Twitter channel, Favre is more qualified assessments of the development of the Fire.


The wooden roof truss in the Paris Cathedral of Notre Dame dates mainly from the 13. Century

©Benoît Moser / BSPP praise for the Fire brigade of Paris, Notre-Dame

A fire attack with airplanes or helicopters from the air, as it had advised, among others, U.S. President Donald Trump (read here in the star), saw an expert in the CNN Interview, as appropriate. “No Pilot can leave the water point, while it moves at several Hundred miles an hour over the Fire,” said Glenn Corbett, Professor of fire science at New York’s John Jay College for criminal justice. Also, the use of helicopters was not an Option. “One of the problems is the thermal updraft,” said the scientist. “You can fly a helicopter in a hot air is too thin for it.”

The French civil protection authority said in addition, that a massive water would have led to discharge on Notre-Dame to enormous damage to the statics of the Cathedral.

the same Horn, Hartmut Ziebs, President of the German firefighters Association blew. The of Trump’s proposed solution was “absolute nonsense,” he told the news Agency DPA. “Then it comes to the building collapse and then we will have achieved exactly the opposite of what you want.”

And yet: in Spite of all the Difficult and adversity, managed the 400 firefighters, the Unesco world heritage site Notre-Dame. “This was a tremendous effort,” praised the Ex-fireman Favre. “I think any fireman would tell you that this was a great event and the applied forces can’t be praised highly enough.”

sources: CNN Twitter channel of Gregg Favre, DPA news Agency


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