The Easter weekend is coming up and for many also the question of what is prohibited in the silent celebration of the days between Maundy Thursday and Easter Monday. The dance ban is likely to be the most well-known. This is, however, regulated at the country level in different ways. As the dance ban in your state is legally regulated, you can read here.

What many do not know, however: On good Friday, far more activities are provided with a ban. Including the lock, for example, list for movies to quiet holidays. The list includes more than 700 films, which may not be shown on good Friday, open to the public. However, the prohibitions also apply to the private sector. Or did you know that you are not allowed to move on the day of remembrance of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ? The star explains to you, what is the (quirky) things that are otherwise prohibited on this special day.

No entertainment on good Friday

The protection of the silent holidays is partly enshrined in the basic law. Any Form of entertainment should take place, therefore, if at all, only in Private. Public mass entertainment is prohibited on good Friday. Cinemas may only show a selection of films that are the highest Christian holiday appropriate.


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The television must also abide by it. Film classics such as “life of Brian”, “Heidi” and “The Ghostbusters” may not be a wide audience. That “Heidi” is on the Index, will be officially on the grounds that people might feel when Watching in the religious or moral Feeling disturbed. Also gaming halls, Casinos, and festivals are not to be visited. Musicals, operas, and theatre may be closed, if your program corresponds to the character of the quiet holiday. Sporting events are not permitted on good Friday, the football stadiums in the 1. and 2. Bundesliga is empty.

No move, no car wash

The dance ban, and the prohibition of public entertainment is not likely to appear to many people. However, would have to bear in the event of disregard of these laws, in General, the organizers of the cost. Particularly piquant is the ban list is for private individuals only in the things which pertain to your private life. According to the move ban to breastfeeding on public holidays is not permitted to persons not officially, on good Friday clothes. If you didn’t, you have to expect in the worst case, to a fine of up to 1000 Euro. Also, the Laundry facilities remain closed. Who wants to wash his car, have to make this at home. Furthermore, any types of weeks and flea markets, as well as public events that can be assigned to this area is prohibited.

Also on Easter Sunday, there are some statutory prohibitions that may not be the most known. In North Rhine-Westphalia, the opening act applies since 2006. Also bakeries, criticising the scheme for years are affected. Who is happy, so on Easter Sunday to a cozy Breakfast with fresh bread rolls, you will be disappointed. In this case baking to help bread, or driving to the next gas station. The bans have been the subject of criticism, on several court instances a relaxation of the law will be negotiated.


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