“London has a Muslim mayor. That would be something for Berlin, Mrs Chebli?”

Sawsan Chebli, a Muslim, up to the age of 15. The age of a stateless person, since then German, since 2016, the Secretary of state for Civic Engagement in the rotrot-green Berlin Senate, had amused looked, but also a little bit scared. Vision? Or Provocation? A short break arose during the Interview with the star. Up your speaker finally said: “I think that Michael Müller converted.”

For all, not just of Europe: Müller is currently the reigning mayor of Berlin. A Social Democrat. Cheblis-In-Chief.

Sawsan Chebli: lovely figure and like taken talk show host

And Chebli? Secretary of state, as I said. A social Democrat. The Boulevard noticed a Rolex watch on the Arm. But most of all: lovely figure of a society drifting apart, like taken talk show guest, when the clash of cultures has once again economic.

she had laughed, then. Easier on the Repartee of your employee; from his remark, which she made as a response to the tricky journalists question: “That’s a good thing so that we can take.”

But it was not so good. Or the other way around: It was rather good.


In the distance so close: Chebli 2014, during a visit by the then foreign Minister Steinmeier, in Doha, she was its Deputy speaker

©Bernd von Jutrczenka/DPA

The Interview is never published. It is customary in discussions with politicians in Germany, that the final text is released version before the release. In the authorized version of the Chebli-interview question and answer were deleted completely – which is absolutely unheard of. Other, previously actually lively passages read suddenly as dry as a Text for the General data protection regulation. Briefly, The apparatus had triumphed, with the aid of an Overdose of a sedative, just as in the case of Randle McMurphy in “One flew over the cuckoo’s nest”. You had to have surgery the personality from the body.

Chebli was down been dimmed to the level of a speaking machine.

“I’m sorry”, she had texted after that, what may be your faith, because that is not at all the role you intended for.

That was in April 2018. At around the same time as the then-fresh new Federal interior Minister Horst Seehofer in a “picture”-Interview Protocol was not that Islam is part of Germany, what is referred Chebli explicitly, Seehofer but not understood wanted to know. There are photos of the two of them. Chebli is very close to Seehofer. It seems, as she whispered in his ear: “So it goes.”

much has happened Since then. Nothing has changed.

being a role model. Be visible.

This is the approach to a woman who wants to make themselves and their environment, and somehow this society is not easy. The set can also be used to turn around. This company wants to make it someone like Sawsan Chebli is not easy.

Sometimes the Jockey is wearing to the Status, role and Position in trains of a wear struggle, quite doggedly led from different sides.

Sawsan Chebli, 40, is determined to lead this fight. In your own interest. She makes him but also to the proxy war for a whole Generation of migrants. Not always both are separate from each other.

There are in the German policy is currently hardly someone who is as ambitious as Sawsan Chebli, Jens Spahn and Kevin Kühnert except maybe time. The a’s recently failed in the attempt, the CDU-Chairman, it has brought but to the Minister of health, the other has run as Juso-chief of the SPD to the edge of self-dismemberment. After all. Chebli’s festival in Berlin, state Secretary of the interior life, as in a too tightly laced corset.


In close proximity, so far: Chebli 2018 with the German interior Minister, Horst Seehofer, after he said that Islam is part of Germany

©Gordon Welters

There are enough, the find: the is too much. Chebli sees it differently. Once she says in an interview: “I don’t want to have to constantly feel the need to be grateful.” It considers, with all due respect, your Talent for wasted.

it could be, as the second youngest of 13 children of a over the years, only tolerated Palestinian, far more important point showcase immigrant, an immigration applicant company. And it is safe – because all of that, what would democracy: the German welfare, the women, the migrants, the country as a whole. And what about you? Of course.

being a role model. Be visible. Show that people, the Ali, is your first name, or she can be successful. Not: successful. But: successful.

the soul of our country

Instead, it is splash of color in the Red-the city hall-a Team of technocrats Müller, with outliers on the attention scale. This is roughly, as if Mesut Özil would kick in the case of Türkiyemspor, Berlin-League. To get Özil we later.

on A Tuesday in June. Berlin’s lower East, Wuhlheide, FEZ Berlin, Europe’s largest non – profit children and youth centre. The district authority of Treptow-Köpenick is holding a “conference diversity, 2018”, and Chebli is divided for the “keynote speech”. That’s your Job. You don’t like doing. But you can’t get rid of the impression: all their world is not here.


Great Opera: Chebli 2017 with her husband, Nizar Maarouf at a Gala for the German Aids-Foundation

©S. Brauer/Brauer Photos

The FEZ comes from the times when one has not saved the concrete. 13,000 square meters, and a block. It acts like an oversized space station, has on this day 70 my the end of the shot, far from the center of Berlin-the cosmos, in which the clash of cultures is back in full swing in full swing. It is, with all respect, this is a side-show. The audience – in good faith. Completely on your side.

Oh, God, ‘ says Chebli, when she hears that the lecture room has a capacity for actually, 500 people, but asked the attendees to gather in the middle.

Then you get on with it. With non-drossener Routine. Index card for index card, into the heart of her life issue, We are together of cultures: “at a neuralgic point of our self-understanding arrived as a Nation. It’s about the soul of our country.”

We. Us.

As the Boxer Muhammad Ali, “The Greatest of All Times” from the student once a poem has been asked, as he answered: “Me. We.”

the struggle for Integration

Sawsan Chebli want to leave this “We” in any case, those who would like to sort out according to skin color, origin, Faith, Roots. It’s the fight for the sovereignty of Definition in this company. It is your “Me. We.”.

Chebli fights about who is allowed to belong to this “We”. It’s the fight for Integration, without the need to own roots to give up. However, this is Chebli is convincing. She is a believer. You pray. It is fast. You don’t eat pork. She does not drink alcohol. She is a German Muslim, even a “very German”. Pray during the service is out of the question. The laid you in the evening, which is also a German word for it is, at this point, but don’t quite want to fit.

Damn. The could suffice.

it Does not. The battle for the definition of sovereignty of the society is not rational to win. Chebli know. And sometimes one has the impression, the more hopeless it appears to you, the more devoted you bite. It felt, she says, once she’s “the English be constantly fight for.” She’s since become sensitive. It is the questions, tired, where the parents were born. You cannot count the situations in which you have to English has been raised. You don’t would like to “live in a society in which matters of origin”, in which the Individual different identities in itself can carry. For some, this is a disgrace.

In a common “FAZ”Interview with her boss, Michael Müller, the sentence will stigmatize welfare always falls. It explains the Sharia law with the basic law is absolutely compatible. Anyway, it is what is left hanging and you have to wonder where the apparatus was, in fact, at the time of this Interview has been authorized. Already in the evening?

The full Passage is: “Why is the constructed always as a contradiction? All the talk about Sharia law, but hardly anyone knows the meaning of Sharia law. Sharia means in English: path to the source, so the way to God. It regulates, for the most part, the relationship between God and the people. It comes to things like prayer, to fasting, to almsgiving. The represents me as a Democrat, but not a Problem in everyday life, but is absolutely compatible, as it is for Christians, Jews and others.”


Further forward in the Interview she says: “Muslims are hungry for more democracy.” But this is somehow. Does not fit into the picture. “We have an Islam-Obsession,” she says, once in the back seat of their service Mercedes.

In the world Cup summer, is on özil’s football shirt page. Okay, his Jersey photo with the potentates Erdogan was a mistake, the bad outlet is questionable, the lack of self-criticism. Özil’s football shirt withdrawal from the national team but they declared to be a “poverty certificate” for Germany. Chebli makes it a question of identity. “Will we ever belong? My doubts are increasing day by day”, on Twitter. “May I tell the Secretary of state? What I feel is anyway. And that hurts.”

there it is again – the “We”.

But this time it is a different “We”. It is a distinction characteristic. Sawsan Chebli not (or no longer) feels in this Moment they belong to the state that you want to represent.

Heated debate

Why state Secretary at Chebli in tears, left the Berlin house of representatives

Sebastian Ostendorf

you are Allowed to say so?

weeks later, Chebli posts Jersey a Video of a successful Özil-Dribbling in the Arsenal. You think your the world’s pain, the anger. When you talk to her in these weeks, it doesn’t take long, and your nephew, come to that, not in persona, as the figures of Argumentation – they are the blood relatives of a witness to this eternal identity-defining feeling of Exclusion. “They’ve already almost completed.”

you like family members for you to the appropriate place in the political debate: the now-deceased father, which you attested to, in spite of a lack of knowledge of the German language a greater integration of performance “as the many officials of the AfD,” which can be at least as unfortunate, but primarily as a polemical choice of words values. The headscarf wearing mother, who is registered with concern the increasing hostility of an ever-Islam more critical society.

Chebli fights Chebli-typically

father. Mother. Many Of The Children. Often not easy, sometimes hard. Always unjust. This is the narrative that presents Chebli. A bit more detail? I’d rather not. It arrived but even so, for the image to you have of it.

It is the biography of the backdrop of a rising, as you could be social democratic, not dream, Sawsan Chebli as for the Public. Wherever she appears, resonates with this biography: the Close of the three-room apartment in the former Berlin working-class district of Moabit, the refuge in the Religion (“Up to my eleventh birthday I didn’t even know I Sunnitin am”); then: her rise, the Abitur, the study of political science, the entry in the SPD, at some point, the first big career jump, the Deputy spokesperson for the former foreign Minister, Frank-Walter Steinmeier.

all of the plant Rocky-Balboa-history. The question is: Is Chebli after the first episode?

There are a bunch of unsavory stuff on the net, you can read about Sawsan Chebli, you don’t need to search for a particularly long time after that. It is the ideal projection surface for all of the Islamophobes. Anyone who wants to spew his hatred on Chebli online, you can be sure that Other puke on the spot willingly.

the other day it was that time again. The debate of whether a social-Democrat must wear a Rolex (of Course you may! The.), just ran at full speed. A four-year-old photo was brought in the network, the self-righteous boil, and Chebli had stood up Chebli-typically: “which one of you haters like to profess, lived with 12 brothers and sisters in 2 rooms, on the floor, slept & ate, at the weekend chopped wood, because coal was too expensive? Who had to wait months for wood pencils? To me none of what is poverty says. #Rolex”


The writer Akif Pirinçci, a zealot in the fight against the supposed privileges of Homosexuals, migrants, and women in German society, used his Blog “The small Akif” to handle then a frontal attack on Chebli: “it is the incarnate foreigner bonus, which is now pure Muslim bonus converted, and the gold medal-winner in the cartel of tax money drunk in King-Size Format. Rather, the staff of the Hartz-IV-documentaries of RTL creates wealth for this country than the always perfectly up to the grotesquely made-up Chebli. On the contrary, the clan Chebli must the German taxpayer, since your Willkommen decades ago, tens of millions of cost.”

where does this hatred, this contempt? A star request, if you could talk to him about his Text to Chebli, is rejected by Pirinçci by Mail, extremely scarce: no. Greeting! A. P.

16 attacks, are there to be counted in the blank spaces. No room for differentiation. Why? To The Enemy Stance?

On a panel discussion on “Digital courage,” says Chebli: “democracy has a lot to do with imposition.” And: “We have forgotten how to endure the opinions of others.” Even so, this is with fervor on the digital battlefield, as they wanted to prove their rugged qualities, like Rocky in his first fight against Apollo Creed.

it was broad side direction to the right

Recently, it again so far. On the anniversary of the Wannsee conference, she tweeted: “77 years Ago Nazis meet to discuss how you can kill more efficiently Jews. Shocking that today is a party sits in the Bundestag, the openly against Jews, Muslims, and other minorities rushes and Nazis in their ranks will not tolerate. #Wannsee.”

You don’t need to sympathize with the AfD, in order to keep the in its twitter-typical shortening for strong stuff, and ahistorical to boot. A full broad side direction to the right, hard compatible with Cheblis self-diagnosis to be someone polarized.

the White of the other side?

you don’t know it. “Are you crazy?”, tweet of the inner political spokesman of the AfD group in the Berlin house of representatives. “This is a serious question! It’s not normal, and for a Secretary of state, an unfathomable Expression. Where we live here?”

The fight goes on. You will get Mails, hate letters. A certain limit is exceeded, it shall display, in some weeks there are two or three, in some to the 20.


Much of it is set, but sometimes it comes down to a negotiation, such as Tuesday of last week in front of the district court of Hanover, where a 67-year-old pensioner, because of “disturbance of the public peace” was negotiated. The man had shown in a Letter to Chebli Muslims lump of pejorative as a hard-core criminals.

The judge imposed in the absence of the Hetzers a criminal command more than 120 daily rates à 30 euros. Germany, in the year of our Lord, 2019. Sawsan Chebli says: “I hate it, to not live in a society where people come together.”

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