defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen has expenditure to a massive US-criticism, to rising defense known. “We know that Germany needs to do more,” said the Minister in a conversation with her US counterpart, Patrick Shanahan in Washington.

The CDU politician pointed out that the German defence budget increases for the past six years. Von der Leyen, known for the so-called Two-percent target, to which the Nato countries in 2014 were agreed: Therefore, every country should put at least two per cent of its economic performance in the military area.

This agreement will be interpreted in different ways. According to the United States all the Nato have at the time, States required no later than 2024, at least two percent of the gross domestic product for defense spending. The Federal government refers to the fact that in the decision of the speech is to move in the direction of the two percent.

Von der Leyen said in Washington, in the year 2024, Germany will reach the 1.5-percent mark. “And then we will move us in the direction of the two percent.” She praised the “stable and permanent friendship” with the United States and pointed out that German and American soldiers, in several operations, “shoulder to shoulder” would be.

The acting Pentagon chief welcomed von der Leyen on Friday with military honors in front of the US Department of defense. It was expected that von der Leyen and Shanahan about conflicts and crises in the world, as well as the continuation of Nato operations in Afghanistan, to replace.


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