defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen has called for a decision on the future of the “Gorch Fock” absolute clarity about the redevelopment of the sailing school ship.

During an inspection visit to the ship in Bremerhaven, it announced at the same time, you will set the further course of a few weeks. “I’m very concerned about the “Gorch Fock””, said the CDU politician. Politicians from the Greens and the FDP had recently brought a new building to the game – coupled with sharp criticism of the work of the Navy and Department of defense, the exploding Costs of 9.6 million now to 135 million euros.

On Monday, was welded to the ship, which will be restored in Bremerhaven, Germany by Elsflether shipyard and subcontractors, heavily welded, hammered and drilled. The ship is fully scaffolded and to detect the in-rusty-looking metal parts hardly as the Pride of the Navy. It flew the sparks, while von der Leyen, the Work visited. Commander Nils Brandt led the Minister through the ship and showed you the studs from the year 1958, with which the metal parts were connected.

For exploding costs in the renovation of the Federal court of auditors had also made the year-long failures in the Bundeswehr and the Ministry of defense is responsible. The ship had been examined last 40 years, completely technically and documented. Before the repair, no adequate study of the cost-effectiveness. The Navy wanted to save the ship, obviously, in spite of the severe damage. The Work is also marred by suspicion of corruption.

The sailor was in “deep water,” said von der Leyen. “We are talking of weeks in order to bring light in the Dark.” There are two working groups were used: one in the procurement office, which also deals with the suspicion of corruption, a second illuminated organizational deficiencies. A clear picture was for the Ministry is necessary, but also for the Parliament. It will go to the Maritime training, but also a great deal of taxpayers ‘ money. “This time we must take,” the Minister said.

For their possible decision of three options at Hand: the completion of The repair, a scrapping of the radicals or a conversion to a Museum ship, which would also cost a lot of money.

The whole tradition of ship is so dilapidated that it is now practically a new building. Finally, the operation of the “Gorch Fock” from the point of view of the average officer is a danger to the crew. The condition of the ship was so bad that “a period of many years, a not inconsiderable danger for the ship and crew ran out of”, as stated in the report of the German Federal court of auditors.

The trade Union IG-metal coast is of the essence in the face of Hundreds of jobs at shipyards and suppliers on a construction of the “Gorch Fock”. “The uncertainty among the employees is great,” said the district head of IG Metall, coastal, Meinhard Geiken, in Hamburg. They wanted to know how it is with a view to the ongoing investigations of the Prosecutor’s office for corruption, and in December imposed the payment stops.


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