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Refugees Saudi Arabia on the way to Canada (9.12 PM)Florida’s new Governor sets Parkland-Sheriff (6.26 p.m.)17 Dead in fire at rehab in Ecuador (2.25 PM)report: Less attacks on hostels for asylum seekers (1.15 PM)for the First time, the death victims in the “yellow West”-Protest in Belgium (0.18 PM)

The News of the weekend:

+++ 9.40 am: Heavy Explosion in the centre of Paris +++

In a bakery in the centre of Paris, it arrived on Saturday morning to an Explosion. Several people had been injured, said a police spokeswoman in the German press-Agency, without mentioning Details. There is a fire, the Explosion in the Rue de Trévise was strong. The cause is still unclear, it said. Originally, the fire brigade had been called because of the Leakage of Gas to the bakery. The Explosion occurred about a Kilometer away from the Paris Opera. Television pictures showed a massive Fire, smoke poured from the building. Several panes of glass in the area had been destroyed by the force of the Explosion, media reported.


A picture of the devastation: rescue workers carry an injured Person out of a destroyed building


The authorities in Paris are due to announced demonstrations of the “yellow West” in the alert. About 5000 security forces in the capital, the protests. In the case of the demonstrations in the past weeks of violence and rioting. Especially Paris was affected.

+++ 9.12 PM: Refugees Saudi Arabia on the way to Canada +++

The young Saudi Arab Rahaf Mohammed el-Kunun is expected to escape from your family this Saturday in Canada. The 18-Year-old had competed in the Thai capital, Bangkok, a line of flight in their future home. Photos showed, how it sits in the machine.

her case has attracted international attention: in the Meantime, the young woman who has renounced Islam threatened with deportation back to Saudi Arabia. With a campaign on Twitter, it managed to prevent this.

+++ Ticker +++

News of the day

Heavy bus accident in Cuba – a German among the death victims

AFP +++ 8.18 PM: FDP. throws Scholz sleight of hand in budget +++

The FDP accuses Finance Minister Olaf Scholz (SPD) trickery in the Federal budget “The now proclaimed Surplus in 2018 is not needed tax money from the citizens,” said the budget policy spokesman of the FDP parliamentary group, Otto Fricke, the German press Agency. “That Scholz can spend this in 2019 at all, he owes his Trick with the shadow budget of the Asylum.” This was not foreseen in the budget law.

According to the Federal Ministry of Finance, the Federal budget has made in the past year, according to preliminary Figures, a Surplus of 11.2 billion euros. The money will again flow into the reserve to cope with the refugee influx. For the next few years, the money for the implementation of the coalition agreement of CDU, CSU and SPD agreed actions is provided.

+++ 6.26 PM: Florida’s new Governor sets due to Parkland school massacre, Sheriff +++

The new Governor of the state of Florida, Ron DeSantis, has dropped off because of dealing with the Parkland school massacre the local Sheriff. The Sheriff of the district of Broward County, Scott Israel, had made after the shooting in the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in February of 2018, repeated errors, and “a pattern of bad leadership shown,” said DeSantis on Friday (local time) at a press conference. The Republicans even went so far as to say that the firearms attack with 17 deaths might be “never happened, had Broward had a better leadership in the Sheriff’s office”. As Israel’s successor, the Governor appointed the former police officer Gregory Tony. This directs the private security company Blue Spear Solutions, the attacks on the handling of firearms, such as in Parkland is specialized.

border weather location

Deep “Donald” and High – “Angela” for bad weather over Germany

+++ 4.18 PM: Three Dead and 23 injured in bus accident in Canada’s capital, Ottawa +++

In the case of a serious bus accident in the canadian capital of Ottawa, three people were killed and 23 more injured came in. 14 injured were brought in a life-threatening condition to the hospital, said a spokesman for the rescue workers. Ottawa mayor Jim Watson spoke at a press conference of a “grey misfortune”. According to police, a double-Decker bus in a bus stop dangers was in the middle of the evening rush hour. Pictures of canadian TV stations, it was evident that by the force of the impact, a large part of the upper Busetage was demolished. The rescue workers had to use ladders to mountains in the freezing cold to the injured.

+++2.25 PM: after 17 people died in a fire in a rehab clinic in Ecuador +++

a fire At a rehab clinic in the Ecuadorian city of millions, Guayaquil, came on Friday at least 17 people were killed. They were all suffocated, reported the news site “El Universal”. A dozen people were injured accordingly. More than 60 firefighters were used to extinguish the flames. In the clinic, on the outskirts of the port city of alcoholic and drugs and helped addicted people.

+++ 1.15 PM: report: Fewer attacks on hostels for asylum seekers +++

The number of attacks on hostels for asylum seekers has fallen significantly in the past year, however, but is attacked almost every other day, such a accommodation. As the “New osnabrück newspaper”, with reference to provisional Figures of the Federal criminal police office (BKA) reported, were until the beginning of December 2018 (as at 3. December) nationwide 143 crimes against asylum accommodation registered. Statistically, all of the 2.3 days was the victim of an attack. 2017 312 crimes against asylum were registered accommodations.

+++ 0.18 PM for the First time, victims in the “yellow West”-protests in Belgium +++

for the First time in the “yellow West”protests in Belgium, one of the participants died. A load the man who was involved in a street of the “yellow West lock” on a highway in Eastern Belgium have not seen, and hit him, reported Belgian media after the accident on Wednesdaygabend. The man was still succumbed at the scene from his injuries. The accident happened on the E25 highway between the Belgian city of liège to the Dutch city of Maastricht, the news Agency Belga. In the protest action near the Dutch border, had taken part, therefore, between 20 and 30 “yellow West”. In France, several “Yellow jackets are already” in protest actions in life. The protest movement, with yellow safety vests, was created in the middle of November, and had found, in Belgium, quickly imitated by others. Originally, the “yellow West demonstrated” against high fuel prices, meanwhile, they denounce but, in General, the decline in purchasing power. Similar to how in France, the protests in Belgium from degenerated again and again into violence, there were numerous arrests.

jek / DPA / AFP

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