millions of people have turned in to one of violence and manipulation allegations overshadowed parliamentary elections in Bangladesh.

supporters of the government party Awami League and the opposition BNP, fought each other on Sunday, according to police in various Parts of the country, in order to gain control over the choice local. At least 16 people were killed. More than 100 opposition politicians have withdrawn their candidacies, because the election was manipulated, said the top candidate of the Opposition, Kamal Hossain.

In some places, the voting was suspended because of the violence. A polling station was closed, because the ballot papers had been stolen. The authorities under the authority broke according to the data of telecommunications in Bangladesh the access to the mobile high-speed Internet, the spread of rumors.

The 81-year-old Hossain, head of the opposition Alliance Jatiyo Oikya Front, spoke after the closure of the polling stations of an “electoral Farce” and called for a new election. These should be aligned under a non-partisan transitional government, as in Bangladesh, the usual had been, until Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina in 2008 came to Power.

The 71-year-old Hasina went in as the favorite for a third term in a row and their fourth overall in the race. The real opposition leader and former Prime Minister Khaleda Zia, was convicted of corruption, to twelve years in prison and sitting since February in the prison.

About 104 million of the 160 million inhabitants of the South Asian country were entitled to vote. More than 1860 candidates competed for a total of 300 seats in Parliament. Results are expected on Monday.

As with previous elections, the fight to violent clashes between supporters of both camps, it was already come in the choice. At least eight people were killed. Numerous Opposition supporters were arrested. In order to maintain order during the election, have been mobilized more than 700.000 soldiers and security forces.

before the Opening of the polls, two groups went at it on Sunday morning (local time) in front of a polling station in the district of Rangamati in the South-East of the country with machetes, knives and sticks to each other, such as the police spokesman Alamgir Kabir, the German press Agency said. Soldiers would have calmed the situation, after a supporter of the government had died party. Ten people had been injured.

in Front of a polling station in the district of Chittagong was killed, according to police, the opposition, after the latter had attempted, together with others, to tear the ballot paper. The police had the gun, after they had been attacked. In Chittagong, activists of the Hasinas Awami League killed, according to a member of the opposition in revenge for the death of a government trailer.

Hasina, whose party is considered to be secular, had accused the conservative main opposition party, the BNP (Nationalist party Bangladesh), on behalf of Pakistan’s military intelligence service, the ISI, the choice of sabotage. Bangladesh since 1971 from Pakistan regardless. The BNP had boycotted the previous parliamentary election in less than five years ago. At the time, your Boss Zia had been effectively under house arrest and many other opposition sizes were behind bars. Some critics have disappeared without a trace.


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