Colin Powell from 2001 to 2005, Minister of foreign Affairs under US President George W. Bush, had a puncture, an encounter that has him deeply moved. On Facebook, he describes that it was a burst tyre on the way to an appointment in the left front. Although he understands, he has had problems, the fixed-to-remove lug nuts. Suddenly have kept in front of him a car and a man got out.

on the gear Powell’ve seen as an Ex-General that the man wearing a prosthetic leg. The man did recognize him and want to help. In the conversation I made out that the assistant had lost his leg in Afghanistan, while he was as a civilian employee of the U.S. army. After changing the tyre, the Veteran asked for a Selfie with Powell.

Veteran writes to Colin Powell – and the answer

In the night, then got sent to the Veteran, Powell a message: “General Powell, I hope I forget the day yesterday, never, because I will never forget to have your books read. You were always an Inspiration, a leader and a statesman. After 33 years in the military, they were the giant on whose shoulders we stood and the torch carried to the light the way and now it is the Generation of Tomorrow must do the same. Anthony Maggert.”

electric car

woman tried to refuel their Tesla – the guys behind you in the car can no longer Laugh

Powell answered the message directly on Facebook: “Thank you, Anthony. You have touched my soul and reminded me what it’s about in this country and why it is so great.” Then Powell, after sending an appeal to his countrymen: “Let us stop each other to yell at. Let us care for each other. You have really brightened my day.”

Powell as a presidential candidate?

Powell’s Facebook Post more than 21,000 comments, many are now positive. Many describe situations in which you are Powell met. Others wish, Powell may compete as a presidential candidate against Trump. Donovan Fox says: “you are a true leader. Please run for President. We need someone with integrity in the White house.” And Jose Hoz Joven commented: “I am a Liberal and my life-long Democrat, but I would vote for you, General Powell.”

It seems as if this encounter would have been prepared not only for the Veteran and Ex-foreign Minister, to be a better day.

Yesterday was a reassuring day for me. I was on my way to Walter Reed Military Hospital for an exam. As I drove along…

Posted by General Colin L. Powell on Thursday, 24. January 2019

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